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Thread: Truth or Ideals?

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    Default Re: Truth or Ideals?

    Ideals. While I am a bit partial to Dragon/Fire, Ideals are what change the world.

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    Both really. To me, life should be in moderation. Neither end of one side being more or less then the other.

    Truth is important because truth is about facing our fears. If we don't, we'll get stuck in a loop of trying to change what we can not, and trying to become some one we're not.

    Ideals are important because ideals make us try to be a good person. Trying to be a good person can be difficult, we can forget our morals easily, but it's harder to forget your dreams.

    Now, on their own they can turn into some dangerous stuff. Truth is difficult to find and lies can seem a lot like the truth. Ideals can be bad, the ideals you have could turn you into a horrible person.

    That's why you need both.
    Truth keeps your imagination of yourself from seeming too propitious. Keeping your eyes open to what's going on around you.
    Ideals make you try to challenge what you think. Gets you to listen closely instead of just going along with what ever is said.

    Together, they can be a powerful combination. However, there is one more thing you need, conviction (well, that and the ability).

    You need conviction that truth can be obtainable, that ideals can be obtainable. All sense of logic says they probably aren't, but you can't give up simply because it looks like it's impossible. You must be confident to say that you know something is true or false, right or wrong. I'm not saying never question, always question. However, once you have found morals and facts to be, beyond a reasonable doubt, good and true, then you must stand with it.

    Life is messy, you will make mistakes, but you must have the courage to press through anyways. If not, then your ideals and truths mean nothing.

    Sorry, that got a little bit over winded *sweatdrops*. Um, yeah so, I go for both...
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    That couldn't have ended well.

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    Default Re: Truth or Ideals?

    I do not find them to be Mutuality Exclusive nor Diametrically Opposites.

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