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Thread: Too Many Legendaries?

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    Default Re: Too Many Legendaries?

    Found this. Not sure how recent it is, but it is a list what are supposed to be the 10 most endangered species in the world.

    1. Black Rhino
    2. Giant Panda
    3. Tiger
    4. Beluga Sturgeon
    5. Goldenseal
    6. Alligator Snapping Turtle
    7. Hawksbill Turtle
    8. Big Leaf Mahogany
    9. Green-Cheeked Parrot
    10. Mako Shark

    There are hundreds of endangered animals in the world. Tigers don't make rhinos less rare, rhinos don't make pandas less rare. If I have a panda, rhino, and tiger, does that mean they aren't rare animals anymore just because I have 1 of each? No it doesn't.

    Legendary Pokemon are still harder to obtain than standard Pokemon. Standard Pokemon can breed and produce endless copies of themselves, while your stuck with only 1 Legend, unless you trade.
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    Default Re: Too Many Legendaries?

    Related to your post, I think it would be really interesting if in the next generation, they make some legendary (or just rare) Pokemon based around endangered species.
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