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    Hi everyone, Magisprout here,

    I have come to ask a question. Why was Spiritomb doing bad things 500 years ago? And how come if you train it, it will be nice to you but will still if released and leaving it unsupervised it can destroy things? Why was Spiritomb doing these things and what misdeeds did it do? I've always wanted a Spiritomb but for a reason Spiritomb was bad. Why was he bad in the first place? Please, please PLEASE with Pokèballs on top can you tell me WHY Spiritomb was bad in the first place?

    PS Spiritomb is cool if you train him well and make sure he doesn't make trouble. :)

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    Default Re: Spiritomb

    As to why Spiritomb follows your command in-game: I have an answer to that.

    On a more serious note:

    Spiritomb is actually made up of the souls of 108 people who were evil during their lives, and they all lived at least around 500 years prior to the games. So Spiritomb was bad 500 years ago, but it wasn't Spiritomb back then.

    Best explanation for how these souls got bound to the keystone would be that someone or something wanted to punish all 108 of them for their wickedness.

    This "punishment" could also be the reason that Spiritomb obeys its trainer, when it has one. Lots of old folktales tell of demons or spirits obeying a human master if they become tricked into agreeing to do so, but returning to their old ways once they're free. Perhaps Spiritomb obeys you not because it wants to, but because it's supernaturally bound to do so--in short, because it can't defy you.

    As for why it causes trouble when unsupervised...well, old habits die hard.


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