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    What are the regions anyway? Different countries? If so, why are they so alike. To me it feels as if they have the same laws and everything. I may be wrong, because I have not watched the anime so much, just played the games. I just wonder, what is the difference between them? They are ruled by different presidents (or whatever it is) are they not?
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    12 counts of murder in the first degree
    14 counts of armed theft of Federation property
    22 counts of piracy in high space
    18 counts of fraud
    37 counts of rape
    and 1 moving do you plead?

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    I really would like a large world overview of all the regions to date. A list and discussion of the the relative positions is listed at Wikipedia here.

    What we need is a Pokemon atlas!

    I'm not even sure if some regions are separate from the other planets entirely and are of different Pokemon universes.

    Found a type of map on Bulbapedia but it doesn't show the distances between them etc...
    Can you design/create maps and sprites? I need you folks for my Pokemon project.

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    The dex is called "Regional" and "National". That alone is enough proof (to me) that all these regions are part of a larger country.

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    not to mention the basis off of Japan, a country which also has several regions, usually separated by mountains or ocean.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.


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