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    Why does Blue have a completely different design in Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen than she has in the Special Manga? It's one thing that her clothes are different, but I've also noticed that in FRLG, she has dark gray hair, a different hair style, and brown eyes, as opposed to her brown hair and blue eyes in the manga.

    Here's what she looks like in the games:

    And two pics depicting how she's presented in the manga: (No outright nudity, but her clothes are depicted as coming to pieces, and her panties are shown.) (Nothing suggestive in this pic.)

    (First two pics taken from Pokesho; third pic drawn by shadsonic2 and taken from DeviantArt)

    One would think that they'd be two completely different characters, except that from what I understand, the manga focuses primarily on characters from the actual games (with exceptions such as Yellow, who wasn't in any games whatsoever).

    Does anyone have any explanation as to why Blue in the games looks nothing like blue in the manga?

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    I don't see what this has to do with Bulbapedia.

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    This is more suited for Pokemon General Discussion. And it's going there. *moves*

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    Probably because Sugimori or someone forgot that he'd already designed a female character for Kanto, so the Special people had to do damage control by changing Blue to look the part of Leaf.

    Also, you're linking to fanart. Couldn't find any official pictures?


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