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    Question Rate My Black 2 Singleplayer Team

    So, After I got B2 a little after it came out I started playing, and in my prior team planning I backed myself into a corner of bad typing, bad balancing, and having to grind and backtrack like no tomorrow, so, I want to restart and make things right, but right now, I need some help, I've already planned out my Pokemon team, their moves, abilities, held items, where I'm going to catch them ect., And now I need someone to look over my selections and judge weather or not this team is solid:
    I have been playing Pokemon since Gen IV, But I have played a game from every region (Firered, Heartgold, Emerald, Platinum, Halfway through Yellow, Black and White, and was close to finishing Black 2.) So I do have a large amount of Experience, I just need some personal opinions.

    Keep in mind that this is a singleplayer team, so everything has to fall into place before post-game, so whatever you suggest HAS to be available within the main story, and preferably not towards the end (I.E. right before the E4 or anything, becuase then the suggestion would be useless since I would only have the ability to use it a few times before the main story ends.)

    Anyways, This is my team!
    Asterix (*) means that there are multiple moves I am thinking of putting in that spot, this is where I am going to need some help.

    First Pokemon:

    Second Pokemon:

    Third Pokemon:

    Fourth Pokemon:

    Fifth Pokemon:

    Sixth Pokemon:

    Tell me what you think, and if you have something to suggest, don't hesitate to tell me!


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    Default Re: Rate My Black 2 Singleplayer Team

    Closing, as this belongs in the Battle Centre, specifically this thread.


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