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Thread: Which Protagonists Are Canon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackButterfree View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Pokeplayer150 View Post
    Because I like to see it kept even in terms of protagonists with such a gender neutral game such as Pokemon, here's what I think based on their popularity, appearance, and roles in other Pokemon media:

    Kanto: Red

    Johto: Ethan

    Hoenn: May

    Sinnoh: Dawn

    Unova: Hilbert/Nate

    Kalos: Serena

    But then there's another method I've been using to figure out which protagonists I believe to be canon: basing it off which starter they use. Something interesting I noticed is that a lot of main protagonists in Pokemon media, namely the manga, seem to start out with a fire type. With this in mind, I did a little experiment on Powerpoint by arranging pictures of both player characters and starters together to see which ones were the easiest to imagine. And after the first set (Kanto), I quickly saw a pattern concerning the type of character and what starter they look best with: heroes seem to pair well with fire types, rivals with water types, and friends (or secondary rivals) with grass types. When you think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense. In all regional pokedexes, the fire starter and its evolutions always sits between the grass and water starters. And usually in promotional material or covers for various media, the main protagonist is likely to stand in the middle of a group of main characters because that's where the most focus is. And thus, it creates a psychological reaction that makes the viewer believe they're the main character. Having the fire types sit in the middle of the starters in every regional Pokedex would likely trigger the same reaction. I would say it's a pretty sound theory, don't you think?
    So is this how you came to this line-up? Whoever looked best with the fire starter? Because Dawn definitely looks best with Piplup. LOL But I agree with your choices, except for Nate. I personally think it's Hilbert and Rosa now.
    Well, to each their own I guess.

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    Default Re: Which Protagonists Are Canon?

    The only one I assume to be definitely canon is Red.

    I'll try to look at my fanfic universe (NOTE: NOT CANON):
    Calem and Serena are co-protagonists, but ultimately Serena is the one to defeat the Champion.
    Rosa and Nate are co-protagonists.
    Hilda is the protagonist of BW.
    Lucas is the protagonist of DPPt.
    Brendan is the protagonist of RSE.
    I'm still on the fence whether to have Ethan or Lyra as the protagonist of HGSS.

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    Default Re: Which Protagonists Are Canon?

    In my opinion, Red is the only one who is definitely canon. As for the others...I think it's up to the players to decide that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zakisrage View Post
    In my opinion, Red is the only one who is definitely canon. As for the others...I think it's up to the players to decide that.
    This is how I feel, too.

    Some of the responses in this thread are the reason why I don't these "Which protagonist is canon?" discussions, because, guess which of the two protagonists do most people invariably pick?

    Red is the only one who has been stated as canon and given a canon team (which is based on Yellow Version, with the unevolved Pikachu and all of the starters), which I'm fine with. (I grew up with the originals instead of FRLG, so I'm not *too* sad about Leaf getting erased out, although I think HGSS still should've incorporated her, somehow.)

    As for the others, to me, it's whoever you play as. For Gen 2 I played as both Gold (GS) and Kris (C), but since I'm female and I like Kris' design better, I consider her canon for that generation. The same also goes for the later games.

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    Default Re: Which Protagonists Are Canon?

    First, I know that the anime can't be used as source. But, they tend to show things that the game would reveal later (event legendaries) so I'll use some of the "clues" it gives. The first part of pokemon anime and Best Wishes there are no female PC walking with Ash, my guess is that if a female character if following Ash, then she is the canon character, if not, the boy is the canon character.

    Gen I = This is certain, the canon protagonist is red. Leaf is probrably based on that black dress-girl, sadly, they didn't used her as NPC (maybe 'cuz Red would have to talk and this would make some fans go apeshit).
    Gen II = Following my reasoning, the canon character is Ethan, plus, in pokemon gold and silver there was no female characters. Considering that the idea of female trainer appeared since gen I, the fact that they only made Ethan playable makes me think that they thought Ethan was the protagonist, and since crystal was a third version they had to innovate something, and this was adding a female character.
    Gen III = To me, May is the protagonist. Not because I believe deep in my heart that Brendan is Prof. Birch's son, but because NPC Brendan seems to be more well developed as NPC May (admit it, Brendan does act more like a rival than May), as if they had tought of May as the protagonist and Brendan the supporting character.
    Gen IV = Dawn, because of two things: she apeared in the anime, and I feel like Lucas fits better as Prof. Rowan's apprentice there's this theory that Lucas and Sycamore are the same person though
    Gen V = Blair.
    Gen V 2.0 = I'm not sure who's the canon character, when I finish playing it I can tell.
    Gen VI = Never played nor saw the gameplay, so I can't tell.
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