Hey guys, I saw a stream and they were doing a "Wonder Race" and it gave me an idea for a "WonderLocke"

WonderLocke Description

Q: What is a WonderLocke?
A: It's a set of rules that you must follow, it mainly uses the wonder trade system which is a completely new feature in Gen 6.

Q: How do you get Pokemon to wonder trade?
A: You will wonder trade every pokemon that is given to you during the game, you will not capture any pokemon other than Pidgey.

1. Catch a Pidgey as soon as possible, then turn on wifi and Wonder Trade your starter & the Pidgey you just caught until you get two pokemon that is not banned /

send back if they have no attacking moves )
2. Wonder Trade Kanto Starter (3 tries max) / send level 21+ back
3. Wonder Trade Fossile (5 tries max) / send 31+ back
4. Wonder trade Lucario (8 tries max) / send 41+ back
5. Get Lapras and teach him Surf, Strength and Rock Smash But you can only use it as a last pokemon and it can only use Perish Song
6. Wonder trade legendary (10 tries max) / send 51+ back

*Banned Pokemon does NOT count as an extra try *
*Turn Wifi On when you have to Wonder trade and turn it off right after*
*If done correctly, you should have 5 Wonder Traded Pokemon and a HM slave Lapras*

Let me know what you guys think.