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    Default the pokemon world and our world

    i was searching pokedex entries the other day and it mentioned heaps of places from our world, like poliwrath can swim the Pacific Ocean easily, arcanine is a legend in China and Mew was found in South America, and the other day i when i was going through the Silph Building one the scientists joined team rocket because he was sent to Russia, so i ask where do Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Isshu fit in with the world since their are still places like Russia and South America

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    Default Re: the pokemon world and our world

    Well, I can see all of the regions as being under Japanese control.

    Isshu could be an island very far from Japan with very strong Western influences but it still maintains some Japanese culture.

    Hoenn and Sinnoh could be outlying islands on the Japanese mainland.

    Kanto and Johto could be areas on the Japanese mainland.
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