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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    So this would be the thread to talk about the different parts of the PMD game, Gates to Infinity. I for one love, love, love the PMD series. They have such amazing plots and each one manages to make me cry-- always.

    Now let's talk about GtI. The plot wasn't as awe inspiring as Explorers, but it developed the characters much better. The graphics were great, especially the

    Speaking of spoilers, this thread will have spoilers so be wary. The game had many amazing plot twists that I actually didn't expect. I should have learned from Explorers to never trust the nice guy who comes comes in before the main plot kicks in.Ahem, Dusknoir and Munna I'm looking at you

    What do you think? I also have a question. Since when were Emolga and Virizion an official couple? Sure, there were hints that Emolga liked Virizion after a while, but I've beat the game twice and they were never confirmed as a couple beyond Virizion thinking he's "cute". Even so, that could mean anything. Emolgas are adorable. It doesn't mean it's romantic. Likewise are Espeon and Umbreon brother and sister? I have no idea where people get these ideas from.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    We have a thread for this here in the Video Game section.


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