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    anyone have any of these cd? please that the rise

    Also if someone can upload scans of the CD is what would greatly appreciate

    Hello Thank you single


    01 Hello Thank You

    02 Hello Thank You (Karaoke)

    Chiisaki mono single


    01 Chiisaki Mono (Single Mix) (小さきもの; Small Being)
    02 Tsubame ni Naritai (燕になりたい; I Want to Be a Swallow)
    03 Wo Yuan Zuo Yi Zhi Xiao Yan (我願做一只小燕; I Want to Be a Tiny Swallow)
    03 Chiisaki Mono (Instrumental) (小さきもの; Small Thing)

    Pokémon Theme - CD Maxi Single

    Track List
    1. Pokémon Theme
    2. Pokémon Theme - Dance Mix
    3. Pokémon Theme - Karaoke

    Donna Summer: The Power of One CD5 Maxi-Single

    1. Jonathan Peters' Club Mix
    2. Tommy Musto Vocal Mix
    3. Jonathan Peters' Sound Factory Club Mix
    4. Tommy Musto Gel Dub

    tha please if anyone have a cd can scanned the booklet & case please

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