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    Pokemon Mercury is an Online MMO fusion of Mystery Dungeon and the original pokemon games. Players play through the world as one of 5 starter pokemon and adventure a world of all pokemon. (no humans)
    There is a lot of the old stuff we all hold dear in our childish hearts plus brand new ideas.
    If you are interested please go to

    to download client
    Joining the forums is recommended since it is still in early beta stage but not necessary.
    Although only in alpha stage.
    Over 100 maps:
    5 Starters:
    PvP arena:
    Custom Graphic User Interphace:
    Beautiful Pokemon Sprites:
    ~Casino and Gambleing~
    Advanced CTF(capture the flag). It will have *Stat Tracking* *Team Balancing* *Flagholders are Marked* *Complex Battle Ground* * Ability to set up barricades* *Use bombs to destroy the enemy fort* * Glitch Free Guaranty*
    *"Smart Flags"* . We also added a lot of content and set a rerelease date.
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