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    There is no Pokemon games for PC ( Game-freak!!!!). You can however, get an emulator for your PC.

    I personally prefer 3 games (available for Game boy Advance but playable in DS). There are Pokemon Leaf Green, Fire Red & Emerald. Leaf-Green & Fire-Red are remakes of the original game Green & Red version respectively. They both have the same region and story line but have few different Pokemon in each version. Emerald is the combination of Ruby and Sapphire version and Game-freak nicely added more stuff to it.

    These 3 are what I call my childhood adventures. The newer Pokemon games probably have better graphics and game play but I prefer these 3. I have no idea about the new remarked Gold & Silver version though since I stopped playing them.

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    If you want to give your general opinions of the games, a blog would probably be best suited for this. Also, discussions for most of the topics brought up here can be found in the Pokemon Video Games forum.

    I'll be closing this thread now.


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