Out of interest, I listened to most of the Battle Themes and was wondering which one would be the hardest to play.

In my personal opinion (I can play music by the way), the original Battle Theme seems to appear to be the hardest to play as you have both the melody AND the harmony continuously playing over one another in both the main parts of the song and the long scales they go through in turns (form what I personally feel that is happening).

I am not exactly bothered by scales to start out songs...I play a few myself from dynamics to chronic...but the very first battle Theme's scale is pretty erm...different.

What do you propose would be the most fun to play and what theme would be difficult to play in your own personal opinion?

Edit: I was slightly wrong about the Melody doing more scales, seems that part only does the starting scale then just lets the Harmony take over but...it's got a few interesting parts on its own.

Silver does almost exactly the same thing at the beginning!?! 0_0