Official Pokemon Plushies in Canada?
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Thread: Official Pokemon Plushies in Canada?

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    Default Official Pokemon Plushies in Canada?

    Does anyone know where to buy the official plushies that are on's website in a physical store or on a reputable website? unfortunately doesn't ship to Canada for some odd reason.

    I am trying to get Manane, Manyula, and the Eevee collection at a reasonable price. They are $10 on but the only place I can find that ships to Canada is Ebay and they are $20+ each.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    I've found a few at Wal-Mart. Bought a Croagunk one for me and Aipom for my sister. There was also Sudowoodo and Bonsly.

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    I've looked there but have never seen any unfortunately. The Canadian Superstore had an ad for them in last weeks flyer but when I went there wasn't any left.


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