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Thread: Moves that would change the game

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    Default Moves that would change the game

    Note: This thread is referring to competitive battling, and the effect of introducing new moves to shift it. Also, no stupidly op moves either, just moves that would greatly improve a pokemon's moveset, to the point that it would cause teir changes or it would see more use, with that said lets get into it.

    There are plenty of pokemon that suffer from a poor movepool, and would otherwise be fantastic if it had the weapons to shine. A prime example is weavile, this thing has both great speed and power on the physical side, but it lakes any good moves to take advantage of this. Another example is Electivire/luxray, the most powerful non signiture physical electric move is wild charge, and well its a decent move, why does it have to have recoil? Its not a stupidly powerful move like flare blitz.

    Anyway the moves that I think would greatly influence the competitive scene would be:A dark type close combat or flareblitz. Both Weavile and Yvetel would greatly improve if this move where a thing.
    Fire type extreme speed/quick attack: I don't care if this move is physical or special, it would make both genesect and scizor a lot less usable, and those to are some of the most used pokemon in ou right now. The former being #5 in decembers usage.
    A new entry hazard: Honestly, every time one of these is introduced, it changes the game. Spikes are introduced, BAM forcing switches is a huge pain and stall becomes much more viable. Stealth rocks are introduced, BAM weak to rock, minus 20 useful points and surviveability severely diminished. (the two are kind of one and the same) Sticky web BAM Super powerful sweepers with mediocre speed (Mega Medicham) huge threats.

    Anyway what do you guys think would be a move that would influence competitive play greatly?
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