Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

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Thread: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

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    Default Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Curse is chosen.

    Generation 2 graced us with an exciting new TM: Curse. This move works differently depending on what type used it, meaning that a Ghost-type will cause the move to work differently. This move used to be the ???-type since it had the quirk of working that way, but it became a Ghost-type since, well, it works differently for Ghosts. It was a widespread move in Generation 2, since every Pokémon (who can learn TMs) can learn this move. It lost the TM status, but it is still a widespread move (although not as wide) that several users get, especially the slower Pokémon and of course, Ghost-types. The dual effect of this move is due to the Japanese term of this move, since it can mean both "slow" and "curse", depending on the context.

    Here's the in-game description for this move:

    Quote Originally Posted by In-game Description (BW)
    Type: Ghost (Status)
    Base Power: --
    Accuracy: --
    PP: 10

    A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all other types.
    Here are the usual possible questions about this move:
    • How does certain Pokémon (who knows it) use this move? What kind of purpose would this move have for them (in the Pokémon World)?
    • How could this move be used to aid a profession in the Pokémon World?
    • Could this move realistically be used by any Pokémon who doesn't learn it normally? If yes, please explain your choices.
    • How would this move be used in battling, realistically or video game-wise?

    Other questions (You could ask other critical questions beyond the listed):
    • Why is it that non-Ghosts using this move become stronger (Attack and Defence up)?
    • Normally, Curse is found on slow users due to its name. Why is it that even agile users even get to learn this move?
    • How does Ghost-types cause this move to have a different effect?
    • Of all the Ghost-types, Golurk least resembles a ghost. Besides the Ghost-type, why is it that it executes the health-draining effect when this move is used?

    Here are the current users of this move (put in Spoiler tag due to the large list):

    Thanks for reading, and happy discussing!

    ~ The General Pokémon Forum Staff

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    I remember training my Yamask at a route full of Herdiers. Thanks to Curse, I could KO the Herdiers without even attacking it.

    The best part is that it can affect Normal-type pokemons as well.

    The animation for Curse reminds me of a Voodoo doll. You make a doll of your worst enemy, pray for ill wishes and hammer a nail in it. Just like that.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    While I know this is unlikely, I feel like they should make it so Ninetales (and maybe even Vulpix) learn Curse and get the Ghost-types' version effects.

    It's already canonically established with laying curses and gets similarish moves like Hex and Grudge. So why not?
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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    I'm hoping that they don't make a Pokemon game set in Haiti. Mean look, curse, then hypnosis is a nuzlocke killer.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    In Japanese, curse is "noroi". This very same word may mean "curse" or "slow", depending on the kanji. Since there is no kanji in Pokémon games, I think the reason why it has different effects depending on the type is because of the two meanings of the same word as it is written in hiragana. It's impossible to know the real meaning just by seeing that alone in hiragana, so it may be the reason why its type was "???" in the older games.

    Since it has two meanings, it's understandable why it works differently depending on the pokémon. The fact that Ghost-type pokémon can use the Noroi move with the curse meaning was a good insight. All the other types use the other meaning, making them slower.

    I don't quite understand why the other types can increase attack and defense by using Noroi, though. Maybe it is also a reference to the curse meaning of the word, the move allowing your pokémon make some sort of evil pact to sacrifice one thing (speed) in exchange of power (increasing attack and defense). Maybe because of it, the move can be considered Ghost-type even if used by a non-Ghost pokémon, so they changed it. Still, see that Ghost-type pokémon do exchange their HP to curse other pokémon.

    By the way, although it's a Ghost-type move nowadays, it is mostly used by non-Ghosts. It's impossible to talk about it without remembering Snorlax.
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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #59: Curse

    I recall preparing my "Ash" at a track full of Herders. Because of Curse, I could KO the Herders without indeed, striking it.

    The best part is that it can influence Normal-sort Pokemon's also.

    The activity for Curse helps me to remember a Voodoo doll. You make a doll of your most exceedingly bad adversary, appeal to God for sick wishes and sledge a nail in it. Much the same as that.

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