Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

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Thread: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

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    Default Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    (This week is voting week!)

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Aura Sphere is chosen.

    (Click picture to go to the Bulbapedia page)

    Quote Originally Posted by In-game Description (BW)
    Type: Fighting (Special)
    Base Power: 90
    Accuracy: --%
    PP: 20

    The user looses a blast of aura power from deep within its body at the target. This move is certain to hit.
    Aura Sphere is famously used by Lucario, a Generation 4 Pokémon. This move, like many other Fighting attacks, is very good because it offers a good amount of coverage. Despite this, the amount of users with this move is surprisingly sparse. In fact there should be more users, yet in reality there aren't, compared to Focus Blast (which was covered roughly three months ago).

    Here are the usual possible questions about this move:
    • How does certain Pokémon (who knows it) use this move?
    • What kind of purpose would this move have for them (in the Pokémon World)?
    • How could this move be used to aid a profession in the Pokémon World?
    • Could this move realistically be used by any Pokémon who doesn't learn it normally? If yes, please explain your choices.
    • How would this move be used in battling, realistically or video game-wise?

    Other questions (You could ask other critical questions beyond the listed):
    • How is this move different from Focus Blast, another Special Fighting-type attack?
    • Contextually, Ghost-types could logically have this move due to their spiritual properties. Would it make sense for Ghost-types to learn Aura Sphere? Would it be beneficial for them if they do?

    Here are the current users of this move:

    Thanks for reading, and happy discussing!

    ~ The Pokémon World Forum Staff

    Previous Move-of-the-Weeks:

    For every four weeks, users get to vote for the next Move-of-the-Week. To narrow down the selection of potential moves, a criteria for the next move would be placed. If you want to vote, at least contribute to the topic in hand (because this topic is about the current move, not about voting for the next move). If you posted just to vote, your vote won't be considered.

    Criterion for next move: Move (in English) that begins with "A":

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    Not many pokemon can learn it because it has perfect accuracy along with 90 power, which is good.

    If it were a common move, then every pokemon posdible will have it

    Vote: Aqua Jet

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    As I said in the Focus Blast discussion, Aura Sphere seems to be a manifestation of pure, controlled life energy. It substitutes raw, reckless power and limiting accuracy in favor of a perfect accuracy and an overall more reliable attack.

    One reason why Ghost types can not learn this move may be because Ghost types symbolize dead spirits. If aura is a power that flow through all living things, then it would make sense that Ghosts would lack it. Instead, they use a dark, shadowy power, as shown by moves such as Night Shade and Shadow Ball. It's like an "anti-aura," or a dark energy that flows through spirits detached from mortal bodies.

    I vote for Ancientpower. I'm curious to see what some other people think about it.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    I've always liked this move, especially over Focus Blast. It gave my Togekiss good coverage and the fact it never misses is a big bonus (especially compared to Focus Blast).

    For next week, I pick Air Slash.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    I guess that Aura Sphere is a weaker but a sure-fire version of Focus Blast. This move is greater than Focus Blast.

    90 base power with sure-hit accuracy over an 120-or-something base power but unreliable accuracy? I'd prefer not to gamble.

    Vote: AncientPower.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere

    Well, Aura Sphere is better in terms of power and accuracy compared to moves with the same amount of PP, like Sonicboom. It is definitely better than the powerful but inaccurate Focus Blast as it grabs a sure hit with decent power in return for a good amount of PP. Ghost Pokemon could learn this move as they technically have more 'aura' than other Pokemon. If they can learn Aura Sphere, then they stand a much better chance against Dark-types.

    Vote: Ancient Power

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