Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist
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Thread: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist

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    Default Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Assist is chosen.

    (Click picture to go to the Bulbapedia page)

    Quote Originally Posted by In-game Description (BW)
    Type: Normal (Status)
    Base Power: --
    Accuracy: --%
    PP: 20

    The user hurriedly and randomly uses a move among those known by other Pokémon in the party.
    Another move introduced in Generation 3, this one will allow the user to use a move currently learned by another member of the party. In fact, they will use it even if they might not be able to use such a move, such as Skitty using Water Spout. While in theory, any move could be used, this does not seem to be the case. This is because not every move could be chosen, much like Metronome. You could say that this is a bit more reliable than Metronome for the reason that at least you have a good idea on what move you are about to use.

    Assist may be a general name, but like certain Japanese names, some people would wonder why certain users aren't able to use that move unless they know the name of said move in Japanese (after translation). In Assist's case, this move was known as Cat's Paw, explaining why cats are its main learners.

    Here are the usual possible questions about this move:
    • How does certain Pokémon (who knows it) use this move?
    • What kind of purpose would this move have for them (in the Pokémon World)?
    • How could this move be used to aid a profession in the Pokémon World?
    • Could this move realistically be used by any Pokémon who doesn't learn it normally? If yes, please explain your choices.
    • How would this move be used in battling, realistically or video game-wise?

    Other questions (You could ask other critical questions beyond the listed):
    • Based on its original name "Cat's Paw", what is the origin of its association with cats?
    • What kind of association do Pokémon that hardly resemble cats (e.g.: Drowzee) have with this move?
    • Why isn't the user able to use certain moves, such as Protect, Me First or Transform?
    • There was once an idea that Liepard could use this move with teammates with Dragon Tail, but since Dragon Tail cannot be chosen, this strategy was already unfeasible before it began. Would a strategy with Prankster Assist along with a team of Dragon Tail users be a feasible strategy?

    Here are the current users of this move:

    Thanks for reading, and happy discussing!

    ~ The Pokémon World Forum Staff

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist

    If you see the battle scene of this move in RSE, I guess those irregularly circular thingies were furballs or something related to cats. Perhaps they were yarn balls that are used to entice the cat Pokemon into using a random move.
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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist

    The reasoning behind this move might have to do with some sort of popular saying or even tale associated with a cat doing something with their paw. They already did something like that with Farfetch'd.
    So the move, when taken out of context of that tale, doesn't make much sense because the reference is lost. There's just a too heavy cat symbolism for it to not be referencing something.

    But I am not aware of the existence of a saying that remotely hints to that. Until I read the Bulbagarden's page. Well, that confirms that I guess.

    It's worth noting that Meowth, the popular Maneki-Neko, doesn't learn this move naturally. On the other hand, Drowzee has hypnotism abilities, so using someone else's skills is appropiate.

    The one that seems the most odd though is the Chimchar line. Mostly it's based on Sun Wukong... I don't see how does he relate to this saying.

    As for the moves it cannot use, it can't use moves with altered priority as Assist is executed under normal priority. Obviously increased priority moves that deppend on this high priority to even work (Me First) simply won't, partially because of they being executed too late (protect after being hit durrr) and partially because the battle system is built in a way that it went past these priority checks already and it might glitch up (There are several brackets in a turn in which each things may happen).
    I guess it could pick up decreased priority moves to execute them later though.



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