Move-of-the-Week Discussion #37: Astonish

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Thread: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #37: Astonish

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    Default Move-of-the-Week Discussion #37: Astonish

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. Every week, we shall focus the discussion on a different move, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. This week, Astonish is chosen.

    (Click picture to go to the Bulbapedia page)

    Quote Originally Posted by In-game Description (BW)
    Type: Ghost (Physical)
    Base Power: 30
    Accuracy: 100%
    PP: 15

    The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. It may also make the target flinch.
    Introduced in Generation 3, this is the alternate early Ghost-type attack since Lick, the other early attack, is rare for Ghost-types. Astonish performs occasional flinches by scaring the opponent, in true Ghost-type fashion. While Astonish is an early-game move, it is decently useful due to its flinch effect, doing so 30% of the time.

    Here are the usual possible questions about this move:
    • How does certain Pokémon (who knows it) use this move?
    • What kind of purpose would this move have for them (in the Pokémon World)?
    • How could this move be used to aid a profession in the Pokémon World?
    • Could this move realistically be used by any Pokémon who doesn't learn it normally? If yes, please explain your choices.
    • How would this move be used in battling, realistically or video game-wise?

    Other questions (You could ask other critical questions beyond the listed):
    • How are Normal-types immune to this move's attack and effect?
    • Based on the description, the user shouts while attacking. Still, it isn't any different for Soundproof Pokémon when it comes to flinching. Why is that?
    • Besides Ghost-types, what do users of Astonish have that allow them to perform such a feat?

    Here are the current users of this move (put in Spoiler tag due to the large list):

    Thanks for reading, and happy discussing!

    ~ The Pokémon World Forum Staff

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #37: Astonish

    There are many ways to "astonish" people (or Pokemon). One could grab them in the feet, or a sudden poke on the tummy can be shocking. That could explain how Soundproofed Pokemon be affected with this one. Even though it is said that this is performed by shouting, but that could just be an example.

    For now, I have no idea why Normal-typed Pokemon are not affected with this move.
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