Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage
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Thread: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

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    Default Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

    In Pokémon, there are lots of different moves used by different Pokémon. However, there are certain moves we don't normally see being used, heard about, or used in a meaningful manner. On the other hand, there are moves we see that are famous or used often. In this type of discussion, we shall discuss the ins-and-outs of the move of the topic, and there will be some base questions that would help you start this off. Every Saturday, a different move will be the centre of discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by In-game Description (Move)
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    The user’s type is changed depending on its environment, such as at water’s edge, in grass, or in a cave.
    Another week, another move to cover. Today, the move we will be investigating is Camouflage. One of the ways an animal survives in the wild is through camouflage, in order to conceal themselves from any predators that might eat them. Predators could also resort to camouflage themselves, to get a better shot at their prey.

    The user who used this move will change their type into something else, depending on the terrain. For example, on a water surface, the Pokémon will turn into a Water-type if the move is used, or perhaps an Ice-type if used on a snowy surface. As such, the Pokémon that learns this move could adapt to any environment. If this move is used in a link battle, the user will transform into a Normal-type, even though Nature Power changed into Earthquake (both situations happens on different terrains in-game).

    Here are the usual possible questions about this move (though you could ask other critical questions beyond the listed):
    • How does certain Pokémon (who knows it) use this move?
    • What kind of purpose would this move have for them (in the Pokémon World)?
    • How could this move be used to aid a profession in the Pokémon World?
    • Realistically, would there be any advantage or disadvantage associated with using this move? If yes, what kind of advantage/disadvantage would they have when they use it?
    • Could this move realistically be used by any Pokémon who doesn't learn it normally? If yes, please explain your choices.
    • How would this move be used in battling, realistically or video game-wise?

    Other questions:
    • How does the Pokémon look like after they used camouflage? Do they change their properties based on their type, or would the change be aesthetic?
    • Should any Pokémon based on an animal that applies camouflage learn this move as well?

    Here are the current users of this move:

    Thanks for reading, and happy discussing!

    ~ The Pokémon World Forum Staff

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

    I was kinda surprised when Kecleon couldn't learn it, but after all, Kecleon has Color Change as their ability.

    Some of the "transparent" pokemon should be able to learn it, like Frillish or Jellicent. Or maybe Ghost-Pokemons, like Gastly.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

    I've never really found a use for Camouflage, either in-game or competitively. It did make beating up Stunfisks for HP EVs much easier for my Luxray though, so at least that's something.

    I'd imagine Camouflage would have the same uses for Pokemon as it does for real world animals, namely letting them blend into their surroundings or mimic certain objects to avoid threats. Given that quite a few octopus species are well known for colour changes and mimicry, I'm surprised Octillery doesn't learn it.

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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

    To me, this move would be useful for Pokemon the same way it is for leal life animals, to disquise themselves to keep from getting caught, by either trainers or other Pokemon. However, if they were attacked, I could see this move having potential drawbacks. Since the move changes their type, say a Pokemon was around water and used the move, it would turn into a water type, and if a Grass or Electric type was attacking them, it would be bad news.
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    Default Re: Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage

    I'm not sure if whether or not Camouflage will affect the Pokemon's STAB. If does ruin STAB, then there's really no use for it in link battles since Normal is one of the least popular types to use offensively due to the players' reliance on SE moves to kill a Pokemon as quick as possible.


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