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Thread: Making an Official Style of Pokemon RP

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    Default Making an Official Style of Pokemon RP

    Okay, I'm usually in the video games forum because the video games are the only thing I really do much of when it comes to Pokemon (Pokemon, the Sims, and Mario are pretty much the only video games I like to play so they each get played quite a bit xD). A lot of people want a Pokemon RPG video game that encompasses everything. All the regions, all the Pokemon, a gargantuan amount of possibilities (Sims-style freeplay, anyone?), but we all know this will take up a huge amount of data and take a lot of programming. Not likely to happen, not unless they decide to end the whole Pokemon franchise with a bang. Plus, it would require a console or PC platform, which takes away some of the charm of the handheld games...and I suspect that Pokemon games are what keep the Nintendo handheld systems afloat :P

    Now, I didn't think this would belong in the video game forum so here it is.

    So, we have established that Pokemon video games as we know them cannot remain the same if we are to create the most glorious of Pokemon RPGs. But what if this Pokemon world were a tabletop game of sorts?

    A Pokemon version of Dungeons and Dragons. Think about it.

    We could do anything.

    Anyone here who also does D&D can see how the games are sort of similar (the leveling up, items, having a map for campaigns, the stats of certain classes being kind of the same but individual numbers are randomized, etc) and if we use all of the official data we can do it. I mean, this is a huge project. It will take a lot of work and research, but we could do anything. All of the weird little "screw logic" bits, all of the inconsistencies between Pokedex descriptions and gameplay, we could fix those. We can create a pool of starter Pokemon with a range of base stats from the canon data, roll for the individual randomization between the min and max and they level up from there. Or we can start out with some Pokeballs and obtain whatever we encounter. Use the official move pools as guides for when and how the trainer's pokemon learn moves. Create a comprehensive global map.

    This is more social than a handheld game, I know. It would be a bit more difficult to play and level your teams up, but there could be an online option. You know how easy it is to find random number generators to replace physical dice? People in their twenties still have their Pokemon red cartridges; they still get them out to fiddle with them every now and again. I know there is a small pool of people who would keep their teams for years. And you could add encountered Pokemon as you go more easily because stats go alongside ingenuity in this game. Pick up a D&D monster book, then the Pokedex book for one of the handheld games, and tell me we can't create a Pokemon equivalent.

    I mean, Pokemon is aimed at children but there are plenty of teens and adults who play it. They could have this option.

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