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Thread: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeb View Post
    Charizard/Dragonite/Blaziken/Mewtwo/Pikachu because of the way their fans put them on a pedastal so often that the pokemon themselves now annoy me.

    Audino creeps me out. Palpitoad is just horrible.

    And for the rest I mostly just dislike their designs due to them, in my opinion, looking ugly or just altogether unappealing etc.

    I have to agree about Palpitoed and Audino. Wtf were they thinking??!!
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal - Granbull
    Fire - Heatmor
    Fighting - Hariyama
    Water - Feebas
    Flying - Tornadus
    Grass - Grotle
    Poison - Nidoran line (Female)
    Electric - Thundurus
    Ground - Claydol
    Psychic - Mewtwo
    Rock - Cradily
    Ice - Cryogonal (Jynx, I can live with...)
    Bug - Volbeat and Illumise
    Dragon - Druddigon
    Ghost - Shedinja
    Dark - Nuzleaf
    Steel - Probopass

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Bug - Durant
    Dark - Spiritomb
    Dragon - Druddigon
    Electric - Rotom
    Fight - Gurdurr
    Fire - Heatran
    Flying - Fearow
    Ghost - Golurk
    Grass - Ferrothorn
    Ground - Dugtrio
    Ice - Smoochum
    Normal - Regigigas
    Poison - Qwilfish
    Psychic - Beheeyem
    Rock - Probopass
    Steel - Genesect
    Water - Seismitoad

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Bug - Pinsir Too bulky and mean looking. I like most bug Pokemon, even though I hate bugs in real life.
    Dark - Shiftry I think the design is creative but it looks like a troll, and those have always freaked me out a little.
    Dragon - Garchomp It looks a little childish for me.
    Electric - Magnemite These little guys are always the hardest for me to beat!
    Grass - Ferrothorn I don't like the mean looking ones lol.
    Psychic - Exeggcute Again, very angry looking.
    Ghost - Shuppet Don't really hate it but it certainly isn't as cool as Banette.
    Ground - Graveler Looks angry and it's just a rock with legs and arms.
    Rock - Rhyperior This is one of those new evolutions that I just hate.
    Fire - Infernape This is my least favorite starter in general. Not a big fan of monkeys.
    Water - Kingler I just always forget about it.
    Ice - Glalie Much prefer Froslass.
    Fighting - Conkeldurr Looks too much like John McCain.
    Normal - Slaking Too much slacking around in battle or whatever it does.
    Poison - Garbodor Who likes garbage?
    Flying - Swoobat Looks really weird and creepy.
    Steel - Metagross Never liked this one. It's a pain to fight.

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Meloetta (Pirouette... I don't like dancing Pokemon)
    Breloom (Competitively)
    Jumpluff (There should be a separation for flying Pokemon and floating/air Pokemon)
    Shuppet (It's a cloth with eyes)
    Grimer (Some goo)
    Magcargo (Ehhhh...)
    Geodude (Is an item too much to ask when smashing rocks?)
    Magnezone (There's no Mech type for this shit, it's hogging two types)
    Joltik (While adorable... Nah)
    Shiftry (Never been a fan, it looks weird)
    Slugma (Ehhhh...)
    Prinplup (Just... No thanks)
    Pikachu (As much as I love Pikachu, it's annoying because it's everywhere)
    Jynx (It's unnecessary)
    Giratina (it's just too much to look at. Honourable mentions: Dialga, Palkia)
    Shiftry (I reeeeeeeeeeeeally don't like Shiftry)

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    WARNING: Releasing high amounts of hate and rage in 3...2...1...

    Bug: Genesect (Someone please, kick that thing out of Pokémon immediately! Why wasn't it used as some useless third-rate enemy in a mecha anime or something?!)
    Dragon: Druddigon (Horrid...)
    Electric: Thundurus (You'd rather not get me started about it...)
    Fighting: Sawk (Again, that will never look like a Pokémon to me. How I wish it was just a one-time character in whatever low budget American show...)
    Fire: Darumaka (Its Pokédex entry... hell, so wrong... I need to get it outside my head...)
    Flying: Tornadus (WHY?! WHY IN THE WORLD WAS IT CREATED?!)
    Ghost: Golurk (Could someone explain how that Transformer's supposed to be a ghost? Or even a Pokémon in the first place?)
    Grass: Carnivine (Screw its awfulness...)
    Ground: Landorus (Don't ask me to repeat it...)
    Ice: Cryogonal (Go put such abomination in the monster database of crappy RPGs, now!)
    Normal: Stoutland (It's got to be the ugliest dog I ever came across in my entire life...)
    Poison: Garbodor (You must be kidding...)
    Psychic: Sigilyph (I'm more and more convinced that the creators were under the effects of hallucinogenic drugs...)
    Rock: Roggenrola (Help me...)
    Steel: Bronzong (WHAT... THE...!?)
    Water: Jellicent (Actually, what the Pokédex says about it isn't so bad, but its design... URGH...)


    I feel so refreshed...
    I'm sorry, I need to do this once in a while...

    Just to make it clear: I absolutely wasn't mad at people who like these Pokémon. I was only referring to the Pokémon themselves (you can notice how they are almost all from generation V... this is nothing more than my personal opinion).

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Rattata (It's gotta be one of the worst pokemon ever created)
    Rock: Geodude (I am so SICK of seeing nearly EVERY hiker with four god damn geodudes, I'm also sick of running into one EVERY...FIVE...SECONDS)
    Fire: It's hard cause I love just about every fire pokemon but I gotta say Magcargo (too many weaknesses)
    Water: Quilfish (just looking at it makes me think 'why does this thing even exist')
    Grass: Tropius (No other reason except I just don't like it)
    Psychic: Wobbuffet (Stupid shadow tag prevents me from escaping, and it never attacks first)
    Dark: Sableye (It should just be a pure ghost type and let spritomb have all the glory for no weakness)
    Dragon: Druddigon (If it has wings, why can't it fly?)
    Bug: Butterfree (It's ok I guess it's just my least favorite bug type)
    Poison: Garbodor (That thing used to creep me out I mean what the hell is that thing supposed to be anyways)
    Steel: Bronzong (Lucien's made me hate it, stupid levitate earthquake combo)
    Flying: Tornadus (If you ask me it's a poorly developed pokemon)
    Electric: Pikachu (ah pikachu, I love you and all but I am sick of seeing you everywhere)
    Ice: Sneasel (why couldn't they make weavile too when gold and silver first came out. That would have made sneasel a little bit more useful)
    Ground: Whiscash (Birtha's made me hate it. Stupid fissure always hitting and knocking out my team)
    Ghost: Banette (Seeing as though it's the chucky of pokemon, All I have to say is 'S-Scaarryy')
    Fighting: Sawk (I just wish it had an evolved form)
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Gloom you wanted me to say Garbodor, admit it people :V
    Excadrill (only because I wanted a Red Shard, not a Pokémon)
    Lucario (why is it Steel-type in the first place ?)
    Ferrothorn (so annoying to take out)
    Simipour / Oshawott (a tie, gotta love that ><)
    Mr. Mime
    Druddigon (only because I had to pick one. I have no least liked Dragon-type Pokémon)
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    • Bug: Pinsir, it's ugly, bulky, and it's mouth looks like something I rather not talk about, it's just unappealing
    • Dark: Umbreon, it's so overrated it's unreal
    • Dragon: Druddigon, it looks like a dragon that had a child with a raisin
    • Electric: Voltorb, worst concept for a Pokemon ever, I mean, it's a Pokeball with eyes, that explodes like a bomb
    • Fighting: Every fighting type in Gen 5 except Mienfoo and Mienshao (because I love Mienshao)
    • Fire: Magcargo, just meh...
    • Flying: Unfezant, why the heck does the male one have a pink mask on it's eyes
    • Ghost: Shuppet, it's a cloth with eyes
    • Grass: Tangrowth, whatisthisidonteven
    • Ground: Claydol, one of the most WTF Pokemon out there
    • Ice: Vanilluxe, why does it have two heads
    • Normal: Lickitung and Lickilicky, weird, unappealing, and the evolution has one of the worst Pokemon names out there.
    • Poison: Foongus and Amoongus
    • Psychic: Lunatone and Solrock
    • Rock: Roggenrola, what's it supposed to be?
    • Steel: Steelix, it looks so unappealing
    • Water: Luvdisc, enough said
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Whismur, Loudred, and Exploud; I always forget these guys even exist.
    Water: Basculin; generic fish #20.
    Rock: Probopass; x4 weakness to fighting isn't good. At all.
    Ground: Groudon; its counterpart, Kyogre, has a clear advantage over it, and mascot pokemon should be somewhat equal to their counterparts.
    Steel: Mawile; doesn't need to exist.
    Fighting: Mankey and Primeape; forgettable and unusable.
    Ice: Glalie; quite possibly the worst stats of any fully-evolved pokemon.
    Grass: Carnivine; another pokemon I forgot existed.
    Poison: Grimer and Muk; purple piles of shit.
    Dark: Stunky, Skuntank, Poochyena, and Mightyena; all equally bad.
    Ghost: Sableye; incomprehensibly terrible and overrated.
    Dragon: Altaria; the only Dragon type that is genuinely not good in any way.
    Bug: Beedrill; cool design, disappointing everything else.
    Psychic: Grumpig; what's a Grumpig? No one knows.
    Fire: Charizard; don't even fucking get me started on this guy.
    Electric: Pikachu; bad stats, bad movepool, boring design, and too popular for its own good.

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Quote Originally Posted by Robo-Floatzel View Post
    • Flying: Unfezant, why the heck does the male one have a pink mask on it's eyes
    Sexual dimorphism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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