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Thread: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Quote Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
    Normal: Eevee
    Fire: Flareon
    Water: Vaporeon
    Grass: Leafeon
    Fighting: Lucario
    Poison: Stunky
    Electric: Jolteon
    Ground: Hippowdon, I guess
    Psychic: Espeon
    Rock: Golem, I guess
    Bug: Illumise, I guess
    Flying: Charizard
    Ice: Glaceon
    Dragon: Dragonair
    Ghost: Froslass
    Dark: Absol/Umbreon
    Steel: Lucario

    Can you say, 'unpopular opinion'?
    Yes. Yes I can.
    Any way,
    Normal: Dunspace
    Grass: Shiftry
    Fire: Torchic Line
    Water: Totodile line
    Bug: Ledyba
    Flying: Farfech'd
    Poison: Zubat &Golbat
    Eletric: Stunkfish
    Ground: Sandshrew
    Psychic: Jinx
    Rock: Lunatone and Solrock
    Fighting: Timbrr Line
    Dragon: Druddigon
    Dark: Sableye
    Ice: Cryogonal
    Ghost: Spirtomb

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Exploud
    Fighting: Timburr and its evolutions
    Flying: Golbat. They were annoying in Victory Roads
    Poison: Tentacool. Really, in Hoenn games I had to use Repels in sea routes just so I wouldn't have to battle one every two steps
    Ground: Geodude. I don't know why, but I disliked them since I first encountered one. Being very weak against grass and water also makes me dislike it more
    Rock: Same as above
    Bug: Pineco (not Forretress, even though I still dislike it)
    Ghost: Sableye. There aren't many Ghost Pokémon to choose from, but oh well
    Steel: Magneton. I'm not a huge fan of Ground Types, so it takes a while to defeat them and they are common D:
    Fire: Heatmor. Not that I dislike it a lot, but it's the one I like the least
    Water: Carvanha. I don't like fighting wild Pokémon with Rough Skin D:
    Grass: Ferrothorn
    Electric: Magneton, for reasons stated above
    Psychic: Bronzong
    Ice: Glalie. I found it pretty scary back when I played Ruby
    Dragon: The Dragon type I used to dislike the most was Shelgon, but now with Generation 5, I dislike Druddigon more
    Dark: I don't want to repeat another Pokémon again (this time it'd be Sableye), so I'll say Shiftry

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: God. Patrat. Even more than Rattata. Patrat actually caused me to form a sort of respect for the rat.
    Fighting: Mankey. What is that thing? I'm fine with Primeape, but....
    Flying: HOLY SHIT FARFETCH'D. GOD IT SUCKS. Gloom. It's just-so-creepy.
    Ground: Graveler. They appear everywhere, it's not even funny.
    Rock: Probopass. A Mario moai stalker statue? No.
    Bug: OMG, do I hate Metapod. Case closed.
    Ghost: Dusclops. It's kinda freaky.
    Steel: Bronzong. I don't hate it, I just don't like it much
    Fire: Darmanitan. Annoying to face, and kinda ugly. I don't dislike it, I just like it the least.
    Water: Luvdisc. A useless gimmick Pokémon, and a bad gimmick at that.
    Grass: Sunkern. Bad all around.
    Psychic: Mr. Mime. So weird, it's just creepy.
    Ice: Jynx. WTF is this?
    Dragon: Honestly, Shelgon. Not rly liking it much.
    Dark: Vullaby. It looks.... so..... bratty.
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Bibarel, for obvious reasons.
    Fighting: Machoke. Because it can be a female too D:
    Flying: Pidgey, for obvious reasons again.
    Ground: Onix, because it's so useless.
    Rock: Nosepass, because it's also really useless until it evolves.
    Bug: Beedrill, again because it's weak and useless, unlike it's pseudo-parralel Butterfree.
    Ghost: Misdreavous, it's just been really generic in design for me.
    Steel: Klinklang, because it has one of the most abilities ever.
    Fire: Typhosion, because it's so overrated.
    Water: Luvdisc, again because it;s utterly useless.
    Grass: Hoppip. Despite having two evolutions, it still manages to suck ass.
    Electric: Raichu, because it has so sub-par stats.
    Psychic: Drowzee, because it LOVES to spam Hypnosis and Dream Eater on you.
    Ice: Dewgong. I don't know, I just find its design horrible.
    Dragon: Shelgon, because it stays in that useless state for years until it finally evolves.
    Dark: Carvanha, because they appear freakin' all the time when you are hunting for Feebas.
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    The two posters above forgot the Poison-type.

    Normal: Ambipom
    Fighting: Meditite
    Flying: Chatot
    Poison: Weedle
    Ground: Gastrodon
    Rock: Probopass
    Bug: Illumise
    Ghost: Dusknoir
    Steel: Bronzor
    Fire: Magmortar and Simisear
    Water: Lumineon and Simipour
    Grass: Tangela and Simisage
    Electric: Plusle/Minun
    Psychic: Mr. Mime
    Ice: Jynx
    Dark: Mightyena
    Dragon: Shelgon
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Quote Originally Posted by cityvillain View Post
    Golett - Is it just me or Golett is Makuhita's corpse? (Golurk however is AWESOMMMEEE)
    If that's the case, then Makuhita might actually be useful... Get me mah shotgun, Maw. I'm goin' Makuhita killin'.

    Normal: Patrat. Ran into far too many of them in the Dreamyard and they are useless.
    Fighting: Makuhita. Tried training it in Colosseum and it never worked for me. I gave up on it.
    Flying: Spearow. No matter how many times I've given it a chance, it can't hold it's own at all.
    Poison: Muk. Total box-filler for me.
    Ground: Geodude. It's not for lack of trying but I can't stick with it.
    Rock: See above.
    Bug: Butterfree. Had one in Red and it never could hold out. Once I switched to Beedrill, I could actually win a battle or two.
    Ghost: Gengar. Again, not for lack of trying but Gengar could never cut it for me.
    Steel: Mawile. Primus, how I wanted to like that thing! It looks awesome but again, couldn't hold the line.
    Fire: Pansear. Just. No.
    Water: Luvdisc. Cute, yet useless.
    Grass: Lilligant. Don't get me started.
    Electric: Pikachu. My Jolteon looks better and battles better. Why even bother with it?
    Psychic: Gothitelle. Again, no.
    Ice: Delibird. Another box-filler.
    Dragon: Dialga. "Roar of Time" is more like "Fails to Hit". One miss too many and that was it. Into the box it went.
    Dark: Deino. I couldn't even get it up to level 50 before I said, "Done!" Mine's now in Daycare; I'll Rare Candy it up to the final form.

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Rock and Ground:


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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    There are quite a few of these choices that were difficult, as I don't really hate any Electric, Ground, Ghost or Fire types. On the other hand, I could go on for ages about crappy Normal Pokemon.

    Normal: Zigzagoon - Yuck. That is all.
    Fighting: Toxicroak - I like fighting types, but this is moreso for the amount of GTS scourging it took for me to find a Croagunk. I'm going to hack a bunch of level one Darkrais with Tackle and Splash and terrible IVs and go nuts next time.
    Flying: Spearow - Did Pidgey really need an angry cousin? Meh.
    Psychic: Hypno - Weird. Creepy. There are so many better Psychic types.
    Ice: Cubchoo - GROSS.
    Dark: Honchkrow - I'm not a fan of pointless evolutions.
    Dragon: Altaria - A dragon that can't attack? A flying type that can't attack? I'll pass.
    Steel: Ferroseed - These just annoy the crap out of me.
    Rock: Geodude - I had something else here, but I thought for a minute and realized, "Wait. The only reason I'm not listing Geodude is because Graveler is great for EV training and grinding my Machamp. It also has 'dude' in its name. ...Yeah, no."
    Ground: Nincada - I like ground types, but not this one.
    Ghost: Shedninja - Same deal. This was the only ghost who made me think, "Meh. Lame."
    Water: Goldeen - As prolific as Magikarp without the payoff.
    Fire: Torkoal - Another case of "I don't really dislike fire types, so I'm going to go through each one and pick the one that interests me the least."
    Grass: Tangrowth - I'm not a fan of pointless evolutions.
    Poison: Koffing - A lot of bad memories from Red Version. People don't forget, Koffing.
    Bug: Volbeat/Illumise - Don't ask me why, but I just can't stand either one.
    Electric: Stunfisk - "I don't really dislike electric types, so I'm going to go through each one and pick the one that interests me the least."
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Bug: Pineco - doesn't even look like a bug.

    Dark: Crawdaunt - I don't dislike it, bug it is the Dark-Type I like the least.

    Dragon: Dragonite - sorry folks, but it looks a bit too stupid for my tastes.

    Electric: Pachirisu - just the sight of it is enough to annoy me.

    Fighting: Hariyama and Throh - they are ugly.

    Fire: Heatran - why you so ugly?

    Flying: Charizard - one word: overrated

    Ghost: Dusclops - ugly >_< I almost said Golurk, because it doesn't look like a ghost...

    Grass: Sunflora - derp.

    Ground: Geodude - needless to explain.

    Ice: Walrein - I don't like its design. I tried to use it once, but it didn't work well.

    Normal: Stoutland - ew [2].

    Poison: Muk - ew [3].

    Psychic: Gothitelle - Gothorita is cute, Gothitelle is hideous.

    Rock: Corsola - meh.

    Steel: Ferrothorn - I don't like its design [2].

    Water: Seel - derp. [2]

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Patrat. Just look at that thing. Looks like a beaver on the wrong medication.

    Fighting: Throh. Ugly beyond belief.

    Flying: Charizard. Never liked it, never will. (I was really disappointed by this thing as a child. So disappointed that I set off my gameboy just so I could keep my Charmeleon, no joke.)

    Poison: Garbodor. A name was never so fitting.


    Rock: Probopass. No. Just no.

    Bug: Shedinja. I'd like to keep my soul, thanks.

    Ghost: Jellicent. I... Just really don't like it.

    Steel: Heatran. Could someone explain to me what this is and why it looks as ugly as it does?

    Fire: Camerupt. I'd vote Charizard or Heatran again, but I like to keep things fresh in my list's. That's why I'm hip with the kids.

    Water: Politoed. This thing is the bane of my existence. It is so overused in competetive play, it's ridiculous. I've simply seen it's hideous appearance way too often.

    Grass: Breloom. Leave. Now.

    Electric: Stunfisk. HURRRDURRR.

    Psychic: Gothitelle. Why does this have to exist..?

    Ice: Jynx. Do not want.

    Dragon: Druddigon. Looks like it's made by the hands of a five year old.

    Dark: Stunky. What's up with it's face?
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Hmm, I hate a few Pokemon of each type, so this is a tough decision for some.

    Grass: Nuzleaf. It has...black dot nipples. Ew. It's just a stupid design too, imo.
    Fire: Darmanitan. This thing just looks stupid. Blaziken is a close second though.
    Water: Swampert. I also really dislike the design. And I find water/ground types to be annoying and overpowered as well. Quagsire is a very close second. This thing is just...what is that thing? It looks stupid.
    Normal: Lickilicky. Just...WTF. Slaking is a close second.
    Electric: Magneton. It's just lazy for an evolution design since it's only three Magnemite stuck together. Also Stunfisk. Its cry sounds like it's farting. >_>
    Fighting: Pignite. I used to hate Emboar more, but I'm starting to think Pignite is the worse design. Makuhita is a close second. This thing looks like a fat blob of randomness.
    Psychic: Tough choice since I dislike a lot of psychic types. I'll say Claydol. I just...hate it. Stupid design, stupid cry in the anime, stupid thing.
    Bug: Surskit. WTF is it?
    Rock: Nosepass. This thing just looks stupid. Also stupid name. Probopass is cool though. Possible homage to Mario ftw.
    Ground: Stunfisk again. As I said before, I hate its cry and I'm also not too fond of its design. Why'd they have to give Cilan of all characters such a stupid Pokemon in the anime? -_-
    Flying: Toss up between Pelipper and Charizard. The former just looks retarded and the latter is overrated as hell. I also hate how Charizard is potbellied and has shortass legs.
    Steel: Bronzor. It just looks boring.
    Poison: Toss up between Gulpin, Swalot, and Garbodor. These three are just...no.
    Ghost: Shedinja. Thing is useless and it looks stupid.
    Dark: Sneasel, I guess.
    Ice: Snover and Abomasnow. I don't really dislike them, but I don't like them either. Jynx is also weird though.
    Dragon: Dragonite. This stupid thing looks like an orange Barney.

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelleo View Post
    Bug: Surskit. WTF is it?
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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    I'm very into the designs of the Pokemon as well as their function so most of my least favorites are the ones ugliest (to me) xD.
    Normal: Bidoof and Lickilicky
    Fire: Slugma/Magcargo. They're not ugly. I just can't choose, I love all the fire types
    Water: Goldeen annoyed me for some reason
    Grass: Snover and Tangela.
    Electric: I hated Manectric's design... But I like him in my team!
    Psychic: Unown xD
    Ice: Jynx. omg can anything get creepier?
    Dragon: I love all of them! I don't know what to choose!! Shelgon I guess.
    Dark: Sableye
    Steel: Never had the patience to level up Aron...
    Ghost: Banette
    Bug: Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill
    Rock: lol Probopass
    Ground: Geodude was annoying in caves.. I'm a fan of everyone of them though.
    Poison: Gulpin/Swalot design creeped me out.
    Flying: Hoppip :| and I love Gyarados, but the whole Water/Flying this is just wrong.
    Fighting: Never was a fan of the Mankey/Primeape line

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Bidoof and Bibarel, Rattata and Raticate, Purugly (blame Mars)
    Bug: Beedrill (they scare me and I literally scream whenever I see their sprites O_O)
    Fire: Ponyta
    Water: Magikarp
    Grass: the Hoppip line
    Electric: Blitzle (only because it kept fainting on me in White)
    Ice: Jynx (they creep me out)
    Fighting: Timburr's line (something about them just bug me for some reason)
    Poison: Beedrill, Skuntank (blame Jupiter), Garbodor (it's just hideous)
    Ground: Geodude's line, Flygon (only because of all of those times I mistook it for a Flying type...big mistake)
    Flying: Pidove's line
    Psychic: Abra (for always teleporting), Munna and Musharna
    Rock: Geodude's line, Onix, Roggenrola's line
    Ghost: Shedinja
    Dragon: Hydreigon (blame Ghetsis)
    Dark: Purrlion and Liepard (for always fainting)
    Steel: Steelix

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    Default Re: Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal:Watchog or Patrat (Creepy Eyes, plus that amazingly nuisantic movepool......... mother of god.....)
    Bug:Burmy(It's just dumb, can't really find anything else because I'm a huge fan of the Bug type)
    Fire:Charizard(Don't really get why people like him THAT much, but personally, that's enough...)
    Water:Luvdisc(Yeah, not only it's just plain bland, but Heart Scales are a bit easier to get now...)
    Grass:Whimsicott(....no thank you, Lilligant for me!)
    Ice:Jynx(........I feel a bit grateful about those episodes of Jynx being banned)
    Steel:Wormadam(Magneton comes near close, but, he did help me in my adventures, so.....)
    Fighting:Medicham(............not much to say....)
    Poison:........hm........You know what? Even though I like Beedrill a lot, Weedle's just stupid.
    Flying:Ducklett&Swanna(..........Still not much to say than just the fact they are weird)
    Dragon:Druddigon(Ugly, Haxorus is near close because he nearly murdered my team in White 2...)
    Dark:....can't find something hateable.....
    Electric:Pikachu(Used to like him, then to neutral, then he's now annoying, but I love Raichu)
    Psychic:Smoochum is even worse than Jynx
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