If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

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Thread: If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

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    Cool If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

    What would you do? Would you use the game characters, anime characters, manga characters, possibly combine them into one dimension, or create your own set of protagonists and antagonists? Would there be a specific pokemon highlighted and connected to the plot? What about the storyline? What type of audience would it be directed towards? Would there be any comedy, gore, romance? Which actors would you cast?

    Sorry for the overdose on questions, I'm just curious to know. I might have to think about this for awhile before giving my own detailed answer. You guys obviously don't have to answer every single question though. I'm just throwing many ideas out there, as this can be a very broad topic to discuss. =)
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    Default Re: If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

    It would be set in the future and focus a bit on the society and people's relationship to Pokemon. You would see Pokemon in the many different kinds of daily life. Then there would be some mysterious Pokemon, perhaps Mew, discovered by scientists. Maybe they have it in a lab and it is sleeping. It could communicate telepathically with some person, showing visions of an old world, like thousands or millions of years ago, revealing how ancient this Pokemon is. The person is then acting strangely because of the visions or voices or whatever he might experience, so he is taken to a hospital.

    Then, the government understands he is having contact with the Phantom Pokemon (if it's Mew, they'll call it that) and decide to isolate him and get information. There could be a war or something, so the government wants to learn about the strong power of the ancient Pokemon to develop a powerful weapon. The power could be what is giving life to Pokemon or giving Pokemon their special abilities, considering that the ancient Pokemon is very powerful (would it have been awake) and is (if it's Mew) the ancestor of all other Pokemon. This Pokemon is physically very weak, thus it has its psychic powers. But other Pokemon have developed different physical abilities, like wings to fly and claws to fight with, so they have lost they psychic powers. The ancient Pokemon might not even be from Earth. The scientists are investigating this.

    I prefer that the Phantom Pokemon is not seen but as a shape in vat or inside some sort of capsule. It will act more as a spirit, like when talking to the main character in the movie.

    Then I'm not sure what's going to happen. Perhaps the Pokemon's power is used to make some sort of weapon, but the weapon almost destroys the world which then reverts to that old world the Pokemon comes from. The main character may also be saved from the destruction by the Pokemon, since he has tried to help it or perhaps just because the Pokemon likes him.

    It's difficult to think of a movie in a short time. I could probably come up with stories if I spent some time with it. There are so many possibilities with Pokemon. A traditional fantasy adventure would also work well for a story. If the movie is with real actors and not animated, then the story above does not have to require many difficult special effects, except the destruction of society if it follows. The movie doesn't have to show battles like those in the anime and the included Pokemon can be ones that are simple to make. The difficult task is probably making the Pokemon look good. I've seen many movies with fantasy creatures and the best I've seen is The Never-Ending Story. Still, dragons and such are difficult to make look good, but smaller Pokemon and Pokemon resembling animals should be easier. Mew is, for instance, very simple, if it's sleeping. A flying Mew can be difficult.

    The solution to creating good Pokemon is making the entire movie 3D animated, like FF7 Advent Children. Then there will be more realism than in the traditional anime, but you can still solve problems with animation.
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    Default Re: If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

    I'd cancel it on the spot before I break almost every single fan's heart.
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    Default Re: If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

    I'd cancel it as an unprofitable venture. It's safer that way.
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    Default Re: If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...

    All I know is my movie has the Pokedex holders in it (MANGA)


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