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Thread: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight Umbreon View Post
    I just finded a post like that at pokecharms.
    This is a classic example of butchery of the English language. Any chance you could try a little harder to uphold a standard of passable literacy at BMGf?


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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    I think I might finally give Dark Pokemon their very own gym. It's about friggin' time.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    my gym? of the normal variety of course! my gym would consist of a three story building with three trainers on each floor and me on the roof.after beating each set of thee you would get a key to run the escalators (no you cant just walk up them). my team would be

    porygon LV 30- Sharpen,conversion,conversion2, Double edge. Trace ability
    Ditto LV 32- Transform, limber (i think that's its ability)
    Smeargle LV 36- Transform, Sharpen, fire punch, metronome ability own tempo
    Snorlax LV 38- Belly drum, rest, Sleep talk, Giga impact ability immunity
    Castform LV 39 Rain Dance, Hail, Weather Ball, Ice beam
    Porygon Z LV 40 Hyper beam, conversion, Discharge, signal beam ability adaptability

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    My gym would probably be more like a battle-focused school than a typical gym. If the one-type rule applies, It'd probably be a Fighting or possibly Psychic gym.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    Quote Originally Posted by DracoMan View Post
    I think I might finally give Dark Pokemon their very own gym. It's about friggin' time.

    But other than that, my personal choice would be Ghost or Fire.
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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    the stamina gym(a gym of grass,water& ice types)

    the trainer can choose a mile jogg but he/she must keep up with me or he/she can face 2 opponents(each with 1 of the 6 pokemon below) befor battling me
    if the trainer joggs a 6on6 or lower
    if trainer battles a 4on4 or lower

    pokemon -moveset

    Breloom -giga drain,skyuppercut,dynamic punch,mind reader
    Walrein -rest,snor,avalanche,ice fang
    Corsola -recover,refresh,earthpower,water puls
    Abomasnow -rest,sleep talk,razor leaf,blizzard
    Cacturne -drain punch,needle arm,destiny bond,spikes
    Exeggutor -sleeppowder,dream eater,leafstorm,egg bomb

    with Cacturn beening my #1 and most powerful

    apone winning a trainner will recive the recover badge and have 2chooses of TM Facade,Recover,GigaDrain,Rest,SleepTalk,DreamEater

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    A gym centered in inflicting status ailments.

    It has five trainers, which you have to beat one after another with no recovery between battles. Each of these trainers specialize in paralysis, poison, burn, sleep and freeze. With the leader specializing in all of them. Volatile ones are also used by all.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    A grass type gym, that's right. I'd have a:

    Cacturne / leafeon (dunno which one)
    And of course a Sceptile

    I'd want to be the 8th gym leader of a random region.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    I'd have a fire-type gym~ I've actually thought about this for a while.

    The town's name would be Sugurren and the gym would hold the Flare Badge.

    I'd have six trainers in my gym and the process of getting to me would be shifting tiles -- like those little shifting puzzles that you move square pieces on.

    Trainer #1: Pyromaniac ♀ Marianne (yeah, I know it's not called 'Pyromaniac' -- but Kindler and Firebreather just... aren't really what they are >>)

    Combusken ♂ level 45 -- Focus Energy, Double Kick, Flamethrower, Mirror Move
    Flareon ♀ level 46 -- Sand Attack, Fire Fang, Ember, Bite
    Ninetails ♀ level 51 -- Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, Confusion, Flamethrower

    Trainer #2: Pyromaniac ♂ Gregory

    Rapidash ♀ level 49 -- Bounce, Fire Spin, Agility, Fire Blast
    Charmeleon ♂ level 47 -- Smokescreen, Scary Face, Flamethrower, Dragon Rage

    Trainer #3: Cool Trainer ♀ Kyle

    Pikachu ♂ level 45 -- Thunderbolt, Double Team, Discharge, Iron Tail
    Camerupt ♂ level 44 -- Magnitude, Focus Energy, Take Down, Rock Slide
    Houndoom ♂ level 48 -- Smog, Embargo, Odor Sleuth, Flamethrower
    Sandslash ♀ level 50 -- Rollout, Swift, Protect, Dig
    Azumarill ♂ level 48 -- Aqua Ring, Bubblebeam, Rain Dance, Aqua Tail

    Trainer #4: Artist ♀ Halie

    Smeargle ♀ level 50 -- Sketch

    Trainer #5: Guitarist ♂ Mikael

    Magneton level 47 -- Metal Sound, Lock-On, Magnet Bomb, Mirror Shot
    Ninetails ♂ level 49 -- Will-O-Wisp, Calm Mind, Fire Blast, Payback
    Electabuzz ♂ level 49 -- Thunderpunch, Light Screen, Discharge, Shock Wave

    Trainer #6 Cool Trainer ♀ Trixie

    Raichu ♂ level 48 -- Focus Punch, Thunder, Agility, Brick Break
    Arcanine ♂ level 49 -- Extremespeed, Fire Fang, Odor Sleuth, Fire Blast
    Manectric ♀ level 47 -- Thunder Wave, Thunder Fang, Howl, Spark
    Camerupt ♂ level 50 -- Magnitude, Focus Energy, Lava Plume, Earthquake
    Electabuzz ♂ level 48 -- Thunderbolt, Low Kick, Light Screen, Facade

    Sugurren Gym Leader ♀ Brandi (Japanese: Hinote) (< Oh yes, I put thought into having a Japanese name, too)

    Houndoom ♀ level 53 -- Smog, Howl, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower
    Flareon ♀ level 54 -- Sand Attack, Fire Fang, Double Team, Fire Blast
    Rapidash ♀ level 54 -- Agility, Bounce, Endure, Overheat
    Torkoal ♂ level 56 -- Smokescreen, Lava Plume, Iron Defense, Heatwave
    Houndoom ♂ level 58 -- Crunch, Double Team, Dark Pulse, Fire Blast

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    In my made-up Gen V, I've made myself as the eighth Gym Leader, with Dark Type Pokemon.

    There will be no other Trainers in the gym, and I will have 6 Pokemon, all lv 47.

    1. Drapion
    2. Stygodoom (evolved Cerberus-like Houndoom)
    3. Honchkrow
    4. Platineye (evolved Sableye, looking a bit like Chaos Zero from Sonic Adventure)
    5. Torperodon (evolved Sharpedo based off a Hammerhead Shark)
    6. Eumack (Ground/Dark leopard Gecko Pokemon, basic AND fully evolved)

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    I would have pokemon like Porygon and Ditto, who can change their type/shape/whatever. And one of those Uber PMD Kecleon. Also a Clefable with Metronome. so the challenger would not know what to expect.

    City: Seiko City (Seiko means Force)
    Gym Leader: Fable
    Badge: Shift Badge
    After the little entrance with the statues and the dude who says "good luck" there'd be a door and a pitch black room (Flash is prohibited) And you'd have to follow a little green flashing dot. If you mised it and took a wrong turn you'd meet a trainer. Thered be three trainers. If you made it all the way there would be a small room designed to look like cyberspace in the porygon ep and the gym leader would be thier.

    Trainer 1: Scientist Razi
    Porygon lv 40

    Trainer 2: Collector Darcy
    Cleffa lv 38
    Cleffa lv 38
    Clefairy lv 40

    Trainer 3: Ninja Kid Brone
    Kecleon lv 47

    Gym Leader Fable:
    Porygon lv 50
    Porygon-2 lv 54
    Porygon-z lv 55
    Kecleon lv 50
    Gengar lv 57
    Clefable lv 60
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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    Dragon-types or fire-types.
    Or just in Pokémon that look like Dragons.

    Or maybe Dark-types.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    There'd be a big Irish theme, with the shamrock being my gym badge. I'd use only Green Pokemon, and have lots of Emeralds.

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    My "gym" would be more "Elite Four" style. There would be fourteen trainers, counting the Leader.

    The "gym" would steadily climb up the inside of a mountain, much as Mt. Battle does. There would be three levels: the Battle Stadium, the Battle Colosseum, and the Battle Zone. Each level would have a series of sub-levels. Between each level, there would be a rest area for the challenger to heal and/or swap out their party as well as suspend or forfeit the challenge. However, once a level is entered, the challenger cannot backtrack until they have defeated that level.

    Battle Stadium:

    • Forest Stadium

    Botanist Jack
    • Marine Stadium

    Swimmer Ivan
    • Lava Stadium

    Cooltrainer Kyle
    • Shadow Stadium

    Aura Adept Sean
    • Shaolin Stadium

    Psychic Sarah
    • Sky Stadium

    Birdkeeper Ben
    Battle Colosseum:

    • Toxic Colosseum

    Outpatient Natasha
    • Gladiatorial Colosseum

    Crush Girl Jackie
    • Unobtainium Colosseum

    Blacksmith Julian
    • Haunted Colosseum

    Cosplayer Nick
    • Cavernous Colosseum

    Miner Luke
    Battle Zone:

    • Mythic Zone

    Dragon Tamer Maya
    • Arctic Zone

    Skier Frossen
    • Champion Zone

    Leader Twilight
    Twilight can be rematched. His Pokémon change after the first defeat.

    First battle:

    Second battle onward:

    The first defeat yields the Faith Badge and a TM or HM of the player's choice. Subsequent defeats yield a TM or HM of the player's choice and a randomly chosen Event Pokémon. The random nature of the last reward also makes it possible to receive the same Event Pokémon multiple times.

    Speech before first battle: "......so, you have arrived. Impressive. Let us not waste any time. May the true champion emerge victorious."

    During battle: "I call to my aid, <Pokémon>!" "Apparently not. Perhaps <Pokémon>?" "Don't think you've won. I still have one more trick up my sleeve."

    Upon defeat: "I...have failed..."

    After first battle: "It's over. You have bested everything I had to throw at you. The bond between you and your Pokémon is simply too strong for me. That said, I believe this Faith Badge rightfully belongs to you. I also have these TMs and HMs available—you may choose one."

    Before subsequent battles: "......you have braved my facility once more. Most impressive. Let us see if you still have what it takes to be a true champion."

    After subsequent battles: "Once more, you have proven that your heart and those of your Pokémon beat as one. Having already awarded you the Faith Badge, I can only offer you another TM or HM. Remember, you may only choose one. Also, during my travels across the region, I came to acquire this Pokémon. I have not the discipline to handle such a Pokémon, so I believe it would be better off with you. Oh, but your party is full. I will send it directly to your Storage System account."

    Casual speech: "I will continue training until I am as one with my Pokémon, as you are with yours. I hope someday we will battle again."

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    Default Re: If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    I think i would open up a gym where the Trainer chooses the type they want to battle with between Fire, Dark, Dragon or Water, hopefully i would be the 8th gym so i would have the strongest lvs and depending on which type, a full 6on6 with 3 trainners to battle before me. they get a different TM:

    Fire Team:

    The TM would be Overheat

    Dark team:

    The TM would be Dark Pulse

    Dragon Team:

    The TM would be Dragon Claw

    Water Team:

    The TM would be Water Pulse

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