If a live-action series of Kanto was created...
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Thread: If a live-action series of Kanto was created...

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    Default If a live-action series of Kanto was created...

    I know this is going out on a limb, but it's more for fun than anything. What if a Pokemon live-action movie or series was made today? How would you cast it? Whether it's based off the anime or the RPG with a different twist I think it would be an incredibly interesting showing.

    So my question for everyone is-
    Who would portray the protagonist?
    Who would portray the 8 gym leaders(and E4 if you'd like?)
    Who would portray Jesse and James/team rocket portions?
    and most importantly, who would play Oak???

    There really would be a lot of options for this hypothetical really I look forward to your responses.

    My choices would be;
    Protagonist/Ash - Andrew Garfield
    Brock - Terrence Howard
    Misty - Emma Stone
    Lt. Surge - Brad Pitt
    Erika - Natalie Portman
    Sabrina - Helena Bonham Carter
    Koga - Alan Rickman(who wouldn't want to see that?)
    Blaine - Paul Giamatti
    Giovanni - Christopher Walken

    As for the E4 I don't think much else would matter as long as Betty White played Agatha.

    with Dustin Hoffman as Professor Oak, but I know there's a better option out there.

    Once again this is just for fun, anyone with ideas please toss em out there!

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    Default Re: If a live-action series of Kanto was created...

    I remember that there's a Pokemon live action trailer (mock one, as far as I know), so you can take a look at that and see how they do. Here's the video:

    That's it for now.
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    Default Re: If a live-action series of Kanto was created...

    Andrew Garfield?

    Yes, because a 28-year-old British-American guy can portray a 10-year-old from a vaguely Asian region.


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