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Thread: Ideas For New Pokemon

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    I thought about a Ghost/Electric Jack-O'-Lantern pokémon, i think he would be awesome, having a Pumpkin-Bomb signature move and all, and also, a Ghost/Fighting Dullahan, using a rapier-like arm bone as a weapon, and how about a Water/Psychic, or Water/Flying Dolphin?

    Also, a vampire bat turning into a vampire-ish creature that can Form change into a giant bat,

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by RocketGrunt78 View Post
    Then how do kangaskan come around in the first place if there is no adult males around
    They could easily just reproduce asexually, always just creating an exct copy of them self, but also remember pokemon are all closely related, so a female Kangaskhan could easily breed with the males of several other species.


    I've been meaning to design a group of legendaries based on the four primary forces of physics, electromagnestism, gravity, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force.

    I also wanted to make 12 to 14 pokemon based on the gods of Olympus and Hades.

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    A Jack-O'-Lantern pokemon is definitely a great idea, but I was thinking more of a Fire/Grass typing, as that was the only way I could think to fill that niche.

    Also, I haven't quite had the time to read though all 70-something pages to see if this has already been proposed, but I've been thinking of evolutions for Solrock and Lunatone:

    Ok so Solrock evolves into Helione (or Heliotone, basically helios + stone) and Lunatone evolves into Astrock
    As you can see I merely switched the suffixes to emphasise the sort of connection that they have.
    Helione would look sort of like a red roman-ish helmet or aztec headress on a yellow-oranges "ball of fire"
    Astrock would be circular this time a-round (see what I did there?), but it would keep the crescent shape in that a crescent shaped half of it is yellow/lit up and the remaining half is dark. It also might have rings around it (and craters. Don't forget craters).
    They would both keep their typings. And maybe a signature move, eclipse? Not sure what it would do though...

    I'm suprised no one has come up with a grass/ghost dead tree or plant (correct me if I'm wrong).
    Although I did try to sketch a haunted tree/stumpish thing and I think Maplestory might sue.

    Also, dark/flying vulture = mandibuzz

    First post, so feedback is appreciated.
    /( )\ ... I can explain

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    I created this legendary awhile back. I still prize it. :3

    Name: Regasus (from the terms "Pegasus" and "regulate/regulation")
    Species: Element Pokemon
    Ability: Regulate (Whenever Regasus uses a fire, ground, grass, electric, water, or ice type move, its type will temporarily change to the same type for the duration of the move, essentially granting it STAB for any attacks of those types)

    Pokedex Entry: A graceful legendary Pokemon that has the ability to control the world's four primary elements, earth, fire, water, and air. It's said that during rainy days, the light from its horn creates the most beautiful rainbows anyone has ever seen.

    HP: ***
    Attack: ****
    Special Attack: *****
    Defense: ***
    Special Defense: *****
    Speed: ****

    I'll have to come up with level up moves some other time. xP

    Oh, Regasus is also the leader of a legendary quartet I made up. They represent the four primary elements. I don't have names for them yet, but here are their types.





    I also decided that Grass/Dragon would be the typing for the Mew/Manaphy/Celebi type legendary. You know, small, cute, event only. xP

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Seedread - Grass/-- (Seed + Dread)
    Growtorious - Grass/Dark (Grow + Notorious)
    Enterror - Grass/Dark (Ent + Terror)
    Calflame - Fire/-- (Calf + Flame)
    Mentaur - Fire/Psychic (Mental + Taur, play on the word "Mentor")
    Sowsage - Fire/Psychic (Sow + Sage)
    Cowvoyant - Fire/Psychic (Cow + Clairvoyant)
    Typhin - Water/Flying ( Typhoon + Dolphin)
    Dolphoon - Water/Flying (Dolphin + Typhoon)
    Mushi - Water/-- (Squid pokemon, mushi just being a cute name)
    Krakoral - Water/Rock (Kraken + Coral)
    Kango - Ground/Fighting (Kangaroo + Go)
    Germite - Bug/ Poison (Germ + Termite)
    Putrisect - Bug/ Dark (Putrid + Insect)
    Sheepa - Ice/-- (Sheep + Sherpa)
    Himilama - Ice/Rock (Himilaya + Lama)
    Fortryke - Ice/Steel (Fortress + Tyke)
    Fortroll - Ice/Steel (Fortress + Troll)
    Ursnoir - Normal/-- (Usra + Noir)
    Grizzlair - Normal/Dark (Grizzly + Lair)
    Ancho - Water/Steel (Anchor, minus the "R")
    Triplay - Rock/-- (Triple + Play, fossil pokemon of a triceratops)
    Trinidon - Rock/-- (Tri+ Don, fossil pokemon of a triceratops)
    Steamist - Fire/Water (Steam + Mist)
    Orogeyser - Fire/Water (Oro + Geyser)
    Nurturoot - Grass/-- (Nurture + Root)
    Savine - Grass/Fighting (Savage + Vine)
    Mistivine - Grass/Psychic (Mystic + Vine)
    Woodsy - Grass/Ghost (Lost in the woods type feeling)
    Quillpine - Normal/Poison (Quill + Porcupine)
    Gypsoul - Psychic/Ghost (Gypsy + Soul)
    Gypgeist - Psychic/Ghost (Gypsy + Poltergeist)
    Monkid - Fighting/-- (Monkey + Kid)
    Orantango - Fighting/-- (Orangutang + Tango)
    Boulderilla - Rock/Fighting (Boulder + Gorilla)
    Zodios - Dragon/Psychic (Zodiac Dragon)
    Zodiaggras - Dragon/Psychic (Zoidac Dragon + Aggressive)
    Collossoul - Rock/Ghost (Colossus + Soul)
    Spirichamp - Ghost/Fighting (Spirit + Champ/Champion)
    Spirisensei - Ghost/Fighting (Spirit + Sensei)

    I'm gonna keep adding pokemon ideas to this one post when i think of them.
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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon:
    Necrivitor --> Necrovoin --> Necradyka
    Type: Dark/Steel
    Ability: Dark Revive – 20% of being revived when defeated
    Hidden Ability:
    Origins: Tribute to the Necrons of Warhammer 40K
    Name Meaning: Necro and Servitor, Necro and Voin (Russian for Warrior), and Necro and Vladyka (a Russian Noun for Overlord)

    Fossil Pokemon:
    Nephoya --> Latrossic
    Type: Bug/Rock
    Ability: Poison Touch
    Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper
    Origins: Ancient Spiders
    Name(s) Meaning: Commbination of Latrodectus (Scientific Name Family of all Black Widow Spiders) with Khola (Hindi for Lost) and Jurrasic respectfully

    Non-Legendary Pokemon:
    Jaikakaddu --> Jaikolatena --> Zarathorn
    Type: Fire/Grass
    Ability: Dark Powers -- 20% of the enemy flinching when using a non-dark move
    Hidden Ability: N/A
    Origins: A tribute to Mad King Thorn of Guild Wars
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Jaika and Kaddu (Jack and Pumpkin in Hindi), Shortening of Jaika ō lālaṭēna (Jack o Lattern in Hindi), Zara (Czar in Hindi) and Thorn

    Type: Ice
    Ability: Thick Fur – Takes ½ damage from Fire and Fighting type moves
    Hidden Ability: Snow Cloak
    Origin: Mammoth
    Name(s) Meaning: Russian word for Mammoth, Mamont

    Temnyauk --> Temnayova
    Type: Dark/Bug
    Ability: Poison Touch
    Hidden Ability: Poison Point
    Origins: Black Widow Spider
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Tenmyi and Pauk (russian for dark and spider) and Temnaya Vdova(russian for dark and widow)

    Type: Grass/Fighting
    Ability: Guts or Tangled Feet
    Hidden Ability: Anger Point
    Origin: Sasquatch
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Sasquatch, Squash, and -er

    Dregling --> Dreckage
    Type: Poison
    Ability: Stench or Rough Skin
    Hidden Ability: Sticky Hold
    Origin: Industrial Waste with some parallels to Grimer and Muk
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Dregs and -ling, Dreck and -age (or alternatively, replaced the w in wreckage with a d)

    Tendress --> Tendrissal
    Type: Water/Poison
    Ability: Water Veil or Unnerve
    Hidden Ability: Clear Body
    Origins: Deap Sea Squids and Octopus
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Tedril and Deepness and Abyssal respectfully

    Jangaleist --> Borbageist
    Type: Ghost/Fighting
    Ability: Wild Fighting – 20% that single target fighting and certain dark and ghost moves becomes a 2 or 3 target moves
    Hidden Ability:
    Origins: Poltergeist
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Jangali (Wild in Hindi) and Borba (Fight in Russian) with Geist (German for Ghost)

    Ninkitty --> Nincat
    Type: Normal/Dark
    Ability: Ninja Adaptability – Ninkitty and Nincat Normal Type changes depending on the environment (pretty much works the same as Secret Power)
    Hidden Ability: N/A
    Origins: A ninja cat
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination Ninja and Kitty and Cat respectfully

    Varans --> Volantus
    Type: Bug/Flying
    Ability: Swarm or Poison Touch
    Hidden Ability: Poison Point
    Origins: Gliding Spider (Maratus Volans), a member of the jumping spider family
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of its scientific name Maratus Volan (Both Pokemon)

    Type: Water/Rock
    Ability: Rock Head or Rough Skin
    Hidden Ability: Liquid Ooze
    Origins: Coral
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Coral and Polyp

    Vhelenok --> Siniivhela
    Type: Water
    Ability: Hydration or Damp
    Hidden Ability: Rain Dish
    Origins: Blue Whale
    Name(s) Meaning: Combination of Vhela (Hindi for Whale) with Telenok (Russian for Calf) and Sinii (Russian for Blue) respectfully

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Oh, I forgot. I also created two Eeveelutions that would belong to the same regional Pokedex as Regasus. Here's what I have on them so far. I haven't drawn them yet, though.

    Name: Draconeon
    Species: Dragon Pokemon
    Ability: Battle Armor
    Evolution: Evolves from Eevee when traded while holding a Dragon Crystal

    Pokedex Entry: Eevee evolved into Draconeon when they discovered and made constant contact with small crystals containing the DNA of ancient dragon Pokemon. It's said that the crystals literally become part of the Draconeon during evolution.

    HP: ***
    Attack: ****
    Special Attack: ***
    Defense: *****
    Special Defense: **
    Speed: ****

    As with Regasus, I don't have level up moves figured out yet.

    Name: Illumeon
    Species: Illumination Pokemon
    Ability: Brighten (Accuracy cannot be lowered and is boosted when the weather is sunny)
    Evolution: Evolves from Eevee using a Rainbow Stone

    Pokedex Entry: Said to be the rarest of all Eeveelutions, Illumeon first came to be when the legendary Pokemon Regasus granted Eevee Rainbow Stones. Upon evolving, these Pokemon travel about the land and guide Pokemon and people who get lost during the night to safety.

    HP: ****
    Attack: **
    Special Attack: ****
    Defense: **
    Special Defense: ***
    Speed: ****

    Once again, I haven't figured out level up moves yet.

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Now that I think about it, there should be giant pokemon related to Godzilla monsters! That would be bad ass! >:D

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    I'd prefer a fossil Pokemon based on a theropod dinosaur, like Velociraptor or Ceratosaurus. The other fossil Pokemon I'd add would be something based on Ichthyosaurs, ancient fish-like reptiles that lived in water.

    Oh, also, a Pokemon based on the Komodo Dragon! That would be sweet. I'd call it Komodon.

    Btw, I made a Light type icon, if you notice. :3

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Johny_lovin_it View Post
    Now that I think about it, there should be giant pokemon related to Godzilla monsters! That would be bad ass! >:D
    Well Volcarona as a mothra look a like. Lol
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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    The butter pokemon who melts itself

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    This. I really hope they have more Fossil Pokemon in the next gen. They're my favourite even though I don't neccessarily use them in battles. I am hoping for a Stegosaurus and possibly a Sauropod Dinosaur but I think Meganium or Tropius are sort of Sauropods.

    About a Komodo Dragon, isn't Salamence based off a Komodo Dragon? It looks like one to me.

    Anyway, if you guys want to see some awesome Fakemon, come see the winners from our recent Fakemon contest here: Fakemon Design Contest – Winners announced! | Pokemon Black and White

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Name: Hiboso (shortening of Higgs-Boson)
    Type: Normal
    Species: Special Particle Pokémon
    Ability: Run Away

    Pokédex Entry: It is the smallest Pokémon in the world. It has evaded researchers for decades.

    HP: *
    Attack: *
    Special Attack: *
    Defense: *
    Special Defense: *
    Speed: *

    This Pokémon can only appear if you have the exact number of correct hours on your game, and you are in the right area, on the right date, at the right time, with the right Pokémon in your party, with the right Pokéball (the Quantum Ball, which is given to you by an NPC). It cannot breed, and any attempts at cloning will cause the game to crash. So, it is the rarest Pokémon in the game ever.

    I based this Pokémon off the Higgs boson particle, which is hypothetically very important but physicists have never found it.

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    Well if someone thinks of a region that is heavy in dinosaur era pokemon well I got a few suggestions
    The water starter would be a small chibi baryonyx like creature, then into a Suchomimus then finally into a spinosaurus like creature
    The fire starter would be great if it becomes a stegosaur
    The grass starter would most likely start out as a Hypsilophodont then it final form becomes a hadrosaur who's form depend on which terrian it evolves in

    The pueso-legendary type would start out as a komodo dragon that it a poison type (correct to real life komodo daragon size and is fairly powerful) then evolves into a Megalania with webbed feet and gains a water type attribute behind the poison type attribute, then it evolves into a 24 meter long Mosasaur replacing the poison type attribute with a dragon type.

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    Default Re: Ideas For New Pokemon

    I have some ideas for new pokemon:

    Type: Rock/Water or Rock/Ice
    evolves into
    Type: Rock/Water or Rock/Ice

    A cockroach pokemon with super good defenses since cockroaches are hard to kill.

    These are some just based off of some type combos that havent happened:

    Fire/Grass - a hot chili pokemon
    Fire/Water - something based off of animals that live around underwater volcanoes
    Bug/Dark - a black widow pokemon

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