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    Suggestions for the next DS Pokemon game:

    -They make it more open-ended, meaning you're given a Snag Machine or something else with which to wreak havoc if you want... how you use it is up to you.
    -Instead of a bike, something like... a car? Or a motorcycle :D
    -More outfit options. I especially wanna see the hero's outfit from Colosseum.
    -Add side quests for Team Galactic/Rocket/whatever... like you join up, perform a few jobs for them and eventually quit and/or betray them.
    -Add a 'reputation system'; the more evil deeds you do, the more people will hate you. And pretty soon there will be trainers, police, and possibly even the E4/Champ(?) hunting you down for the bounty on your head. Conversely, the more 'heroic' you are, the more people will like you.
    -Certain NPCs will react to you depending on how you treat them, like if you do errands for them. Separate from the 'rep meter' in that even if the townsfolk hate you, they won't.

    What do you guys think?

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    They are my two favourite games but mixing them together would be disaterous.

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    Well for 4 generations straight we've been playing the good guy, right? I liked the bad-guy-turned-good-guy concept of Wes in Colosseum, so I wondered what the end result would be if they played with that idea some more. Instead of being just a hero, shouldn't fans of the game be given the chance to be an antihero, or even a villain? So the player feels like he's actually playing out his own story instead of sticking to a script.

    Also, pray tell why would it be disastrous?

    FYI, by saying GTA I don't mean that Pokemon should adopt ALL of its features, only the ones I mentioned. GTA was the first game that came into my mind because the stuff I mentioned is most prominent there.
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    i totally agree with u ScarletCross, that u as the player should b able to go along with their own storyline - like for eg. robbing a market, being good or bad, getting a job, choose ur own outfits (like u said!) and i recon it wuld b heaps cool if u culd like build ur own house and by furnisher and stuff like all the houses in towns and stuff! itd b cool!!!

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    I agree that you should be able to play as the bad guy, join team rocket, etc. A significant number of people do and would play this. However, now that you've mentioned GTA, I want to be able to kill people in this game!

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    Meh, I would love to see you be able to be a bad guy but they would never EVER let you kill on a game. I always thought of it whenever they would ask you to join and you couldnt say yes. But then be able to betray them after getting their cool stuff, just like Wes did.

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    I always did think that a more open-ended Pokemon game would have been wonderful, but because they still have to market the franchise to younger demographics as well, I doubt we'll be allowed to make Giovanni look like Mother Theresa any time soon. But otherwise, yes, I agree. The whole get starter-collect badges-beat Elite Four and champion-finish Pokedex formula must be altered somehow, if only for the sake of Nintendo's dignity. I'd love to play a much more RPG oriented Pokemon game.


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