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Thread: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Favorite Leader: Volker (his personality interest me and I'm a fan to the yellow/blue color style plus I like electric types)

    Least Favorite Leader: Whitney (only cause of her Milktank)

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelrush View Post
    My favorite gym leaders listed by region:

    Kanto: Lt. Surge

    He's got a cool personality, and a nice selection of Pokemon. Of course, once I got Tyranitar, he was easy to beat. XP

    Johto: Jasmine

    She's a nice girl, and was difficult for me to beat in combat for the first time (without Action Replay).

    Hoenn: Winona

    Some of the stuff she says is corny, but other than that...

    Sinnoh: I don't really like the Sinnoh gym leaders...

    Unova: Cilan

    He's a cool dude, although I haven't battled him yet. (I picked Snivy on white version).


    Least favorites:

    Kanto: I actually don't have a problem with any of the Kanto gym leaders, surprisingly.

    Johto: Clair

    She's hot, but her cruelty and ego is VERY annoying. I mean, she's around my age and behaves in a very juvenile way when she loses. If gym leaders were meant to ALWAYS win no matter what, they wouldn't have any badges to hand out.

    Hoenn: Wallace

    This guy creeps me out...

    Every time I see him, that horror music from the terrifying Halo cutscene (where Captain Keyes dies) plays in my head.

    Sinnoh: ...Pretty much all of them.

    I'm not fond of the Sinnoh gym leaders, really.

    Unova: Roxie

    I just don't like her, no specific reason.
    Jasmine ain't that hard I defeated her with a level 25-28 Quilava that ain't hard with no healing items
    In my opinion

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    ^ You had the Type Advantage, Steelrush might not.

    My favourites per gen :

    Gen 1 : Blaine, because he is much easier to access. However the battle wasn't too easy.
    Gen 2 : Falkner, if only because he uses one of the most basic bird Pokémons.
    Gen 3 : Flannery, Norman or Wattson. I can't seem to choose one : Flannery is hot (both in beauty and literally), Norman is the only person you confront who's the father of your playable character, and Wattson because of his jolly attitude and the fact he gives out one of my favourite attacks if we help him resolve the New Lavandia problem.
    Gen 4 : Fantina, if only because she's french comme moi (in the english version of the game at least)
    Gen 5 : Roxie, due to her Gym theme.

    Least favourite per gen :
    Gen 1 : Brock. I only disliked him when I used Charmander against him. Otherwise, I didn't mind at all.
    Gen 2 : Whitney. The reason is so easy to guess, even Jessie and James's disguises cannot be as obvious.
    Gen 3 : Tate and Liza. The only time you have to confront two Gym Leaders at once and it has to be a somewhat annoying battle.
    Gen 4 : Roark, but really I don't have a least favourite in Sinnoh.
    Gen 5 : The Striaton Trio. Taking advantage of your starter Pokémon no matter what you do is cheap I think. The fact you have the option to choose an elemental monkey doesn't help at all, since I generally dislike monkey Pokémons (except for Mankey and Primeape).
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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    I have so many I love, but not many I dislike, just ones I find really forgettable. Pretty much every Sinnoh Gym Leader was forgettable ]:

    I think some of my favourite leaders though are Erika, Bugsy, Morty, Clair, Giovanni (does he even count), and a few others. Mostly from the first and second gen.

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?


    Gen I: Erika, because we have the same name c:
    Gen II: Falkner because he's hot.
    Gen III: Didn't like many of the Hoenn leaders. I guess Norman since he's your dad and that's cool.
    Gen IV: Roark or Candice
    Gen V: Cilan or Homika

    Least Favorites:

    Gen I: I like them all.
    Gen II: Pryce
    Gen III: Roxanne, boring in every way.
    Gen IV: I like them all.
    Gen V: Brycen

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?


    Gen I: Erika
    Gen II: Jasmine or Clair
    Gen III: Flannery
    Gen IV: Candice
    Gen V: Elesa

    Least Favorite:

    Gen I: Lt. Surge
    Gen II: Chuck
    Gen III: Juan
    Gen IV: Volkner
    Gen V: Clay

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    Smile Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    I'll list my favourites and "unfavourites" for each generation:


    Gen I: Erika - I love the whole geisha thing.
    Gen II: Morty - I can't describe how much I love Morty. He's my favourite Gym Leader of all!
    Gen III: Winona - She's awesome.
    Gen IV: Byron - He's so cool, plus he's one of the Gym Leaders who actually gave me a few laughs.
    Gen V: Elesa - She's so nice and insightful about things despite being a supermodel. (Most of the time, supermodels in fiction are depicted as airheads, rather than actual people with brains.)


    Gen I: Lt. Surge - He's so mean and selfish. In the games, not so much, but in every other adaptation he's a major jerkass. (In the manga he's a member of Team Rocket.) Probably my least favourite of all.
    Gen II: Whitney - It took me four tries to beat her demon-possessed Miltank (whose ability is Scrappy), and plus she acts like a baby when she loses.
    Gen III: Brawly - Kinda bland IMO.
    Gen IV: Volkner - He acts like such an emo - he was the only Sinnoh Gym Leader I didn't like.
    Gen V: Cheren - I thought he was such a dork (though admittedly I hated many of the rivals). And now you face him as a Gym Leader...

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Gen I:blaine-i love those quiz!:D
    Gen II:jasmine-hmm...don't know the reason either.maybe because of her,my quilava evolved.
    Gen III:winona-she strong and challenging to battle.
    Gen IV:fantina-i like when she say french words.
    least favorite
    Gen I:misty-water pulse kill my charmeleon...10X!
    Gen II:whitney-it took me 2 days to beat her.
    Gen III:i don't hate any of them.
    Gen IV:like Gen III...i don't hate any of them.

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    My favourites: Winona, Clair, Blaine, Misty, Blue, Brycen, Morty.

    My least favoured: Fantina, Chuck, Pryce, Norman.

    And the rest are neutral until B/W2

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Gen I: Blaine("You better have burn heal!" Plus I loved him in the anime.)
    Gen II: Morty, Clair(in terms of battle - style, she was bad***)
    Gen III: Wattson, Flannery, Norman, Winona, Tate & Liza, Wallace. Pretty sad but I loved almost all the gym leaders in this generation. Plus, R/S/E just happens to be my favorite generation of the Pokemon games.
    Gen IV: Gardenia(I remember her best out of all the gym leaders, just because of that extra encounter at the Chatteau, plus I love her character design - I just think she looks really cute), Crasher Wake(he was funny!)
    Gen V: Striaton Trio(they were rather adorable, even if they did take advantage of your starter type), Elesa(I liked the things she said plus she was rather charming,)

    Least Favorites:
    Gen I: Lt. Surge
    Gen II: Whitney(Hoho...that miltank), Claire(her attitude...)
    Gen III: NONE
    Gen IV: None.
    Gen V: Cheren. Oh lord, he became a gym leader(in Black 2/White 2 I think). I've never played Black 2/White 2 but I remember disliking Cheren in the original Black/White because he was so lame, probably the lamest of all the rivals for me.

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Favorite has to be Sabrina. She was tough and she was mysterious! (But I equally love Brock, Misty, Sabrina, Volkner, Candice, Morty, Norman, Jasmine...)

    Least Favorite? Battle-wise: Wattson, I love his personality, but DANG this man can battle! Even with a ground type, his Magnemite and Voltorb always crushed it and then killed the rest with his Manectric. Whenever I play R/S/E, I make sure to have tons of potions in Mauville 'cause I'll be spending a lot of time blacking out.
    Personality: I hated how Whitney was being a cry baby in the end. She's probably like the only Gym Leader I don't like. I love all of them!

    I hear it's never too late if you really stick to the program!

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    I like Sabrina... what's cooler than someone with telekinesis!!!!

    And I am not a fan of Whitney.... she was really tough to beat and then when you were finally able to beat her she made you feel guilty by crying.
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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    My favourite gym leader is Chuck because I liked his Poliwrath and also gave out Dynamic Punch in Gen II.
    My least favourite would probably be...surprise surprise Whitney because I was very young when playing Pokemon Silver. I didn't stand a chance against that Miltank.

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Favorite: Byron. He's awesome!

    Least Favorite: Wattson. My Wingull couldn't take any of his Pokemon down. :P

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    Default Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    gen 1: lt. surge, erika & koga ( why does everyone dislike surge? he's such a badass guy ;_; )
    gen 2: morty & janine
    gen 3: norman & wallace
    gen 4: maylene, byron & volkner
    gen 5: elesa & brycen

    least favs
    gen 1: n/a (i like them all tbh <3)
    gen 2: chuck
    gen 3: tate & liza
    gen 4: crasher wake & fantina
    gen 5: clay

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