Favorite aspects of the Pokemon franchise?
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Thread: Favorite aspects of the Pokemon franchise?

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    Default Favorite aspects of the Pokemon franchise?

    One of the cool things about Pokemon is that the franchise itself is so huge and is made up of many different parts. It's part of why it has such a universal appeal! From top to bottom, what're your favorite aspects of it? My list'd go:

    Main games
    TCG (I'm just starting to get into this competitively)
    Other spinoffs
    Other manga (Admittedly the reason why this is so low to me is just because how hard they are to find-- let alone in English! I've only been able to read Ginji's Rescue Team and Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 along with an adaptation or two of the movies)

    So what'd your list look like? Note that you don't have to use the same exact categories that I used! (Although note that this is about the official franchise itself so things that only exist in the fandom, ex. fanfiction, doesn't count.)

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    Default Re: Favorite aspects of the Pokemon franchise?

    The main games are definately my favorite thing ever. I spend hours and hours playing Pokemon games and I really enjoy it a lot. I like collecting and catching every single Pokemon I can find and training my team. I guess it's partly because I enjoy collecting things and Pokemon games are alot about that, so it's easy for me to enjoy. They are also reletively easy games( though I occasionally have some difficulty) I just enjoy the video games alot. I also like other kinds of merchandise like Plushes and figures to a certain extent and collect some.


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