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    I just thought of this earlier and it very possibly may blow your mind:
    Fantina (Ghost type Gym Leader from Sinnoh) is the Ghost of Fantine (Les Miserables).
    Here’s why:
     -They’re both French,
     -Their names are one letter apart and,
     -In Fantine’s ghost life in Sinnoh, she has everything she has ever wanted: Money, Food, Riches, Clothing, Success (Contests), and no worries about her daughter now that she’s with Jean.
    However the problems with this theory are that this only applies to the American version of the game because in the French and Japanese version she also speaks English instead of French. And Fantina doesn’t have a daughter, but it’s just something to think about.

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    Default Re: Fantine-Fantina Theory

    I was about to say that, by most of that logic, I can make it my headcannon that Norman is the reincarnation of Norman Bates. Only, thinking about it a little more deeply, I don't really find it that all that plausible - were that the case, then I think a team made up of bird pokemon would be a lot more appealling to him than one made up of sloths.

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    Default Re: Fantine-Fantina Theory

    It's a bit more plausible with Fantina due to the ghost typing....

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    Default Re: Fantine-Fantina Theory

    That's what I thought, since she's dead she'd use Ghost types

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    Default Re: Fantine-Fantina Theory

    But there's a flying type gym leader already


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