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    Hey guys sory i havent posted anything in a while and i havent been making anything lately. I have been trainig on platinum and i found a gastly the other day and decided to catch it and now its almost level 30 from like an hour and a half of just training it, i started a new game and saw it thought it could help me so i decided to catch it and voila its a haunter an hour later. Its really cool and grows fast, has great stats and has amazing health. My friend has a parasect and says its awesome, powerful and smart (which i dont see how that is possibly cuz its a game but i dont know) and then gengars are just AWESOME like me. my friend also thinks that it can beat gengar but she doesnt know if it can. (hahaha) did you know that gengar is the shadow pokemon and it can become invisable thus (cuz i use thus a lot) it cant learn shadow sneak (weird...) the song that best describes anmd fits with gengar would be yeah 3x by chris brown idk if uve heard it but it fits. Thus i ask my friend what level her parasect is and the answer is 34 which is not to shabby. Or the song rocketeer by far east movement fits it good my favorite line is:

    here we come, come with me theres a world out
    there that we should see

    up up here we go go
    where we stop nobody knows

    wow this was a long message but yeah you should get a pic now

    idk what happened but heres a link: =

    sorry its long its the fifth one in the second row

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    I moved your thread to what I feel is the right area. Where this was posted originally was for Bulbapedia-related matters.

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    Neat Picture, but what is the point of this thread? A general meeting of Gengar fans? A picture dump sight? You needing advice on how to beat a Parascect?

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    This is really more blog material. Closing.


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