Ekans is a fantastic Pokemon to own.

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Thread: Ekans is a fantastic Pokemon to own.

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    Smile Ekans is a fantastic Pokemon to own.

    I absolutely love Ekans, and I have one on every game I own. My best Ekans is on my HeartGold where it hatched from an egg after breeding a Male Seviper and a Female Arbok. My new Male Ekans now knows all of Seviper's moves (Poison Tail, Poison Fang, Poison Jab & Sludge Bomb)it only hatched yesterday and it is now Level 60 I already own a Level 70 Male Arbok. My cousin owns an Ekans that knows Thunder which is an attack I thought Ekans can't learn I am unaware of how his Ekans knows Thunder he will not tell me.

    I want to know what you thought of Ekans when you first seen it or caught one I fell in love with it straight away. Ekans in my opinion is the best Poison Pokemon in Kanto. If an Ekans is raised well enough it can be a big powerhouse in a trainer's party it is in mine. I own 103 Ekans on HeartGold and tehy are all Male.
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    Default Re: Ekans is a fantastic Pokemon to own.

    This would better suit a blog. No need for an individual thread about how awesome one particular pokemon is.

    Evil Figment (7:59:44 PM): Ryuu, however shakily you started, I've got to hand it to you that you earned my respect the hard way.


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