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    The title gives it away so heres an example.

    Lavourer City
    Description: Lavourer City is a city below a dormant volcano. The city is made of multan rock and all the houses are made from stone or rock. The city includes a museum, a machinery factory and the essentials (Poke Centre). The city is a dark town but at night is well lit up.

    Gym: The gym challenge is a huge crater filled with lava. You must go across the stones to the other side where a guiser blows you up to the second story, the second story consists of metal platforms that lead to others using warp tiles. You must get ot the massive guiser that blows you up to the gym leader (Blaze) on the third story.

    Gym Leaders Pokemon:
    x2 Slugma Lv 20
    x1 Rapidash Lv 19
    x1 Houndoom Lv 23
    x2 Magcargo Lv 49
    x1 Rapidash Lv 48
    x1 Houndoom Lv 53
    X1 Thyphlosion Lv 54
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    I have an idea for a new city, but I cant think of an exact name for it, how about something like..

    Funeralife City(sounds like Jubilife City, but with the opposite meaning)
    A ghost city, a city completely inhabited by ghosts, both HUMAN ghosts and Pokemon ghosts(it'd be the first time human ghosts are introduced in the series), And the main character has to temporarily become a ghost to access it(kind of like the Lavender Town episode of the anime series, where Ash's soul was pulled outside his body by a Gengar) nothing in the city is made of solid materials, everything is the same solidity as a ghost.

    The gym leader's team would be something like;

    Shedinja(strongest pokemon)
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    Default Re: Create Your Own City or Town

    I've had ideas for at least 25, but I guess I'll go with the city containing the first gym.
    Blarcet City (blar-kit cih-tee)
    A dark and busy city, bustling with modern life and pop culture.
    Ondire Region Gym Leader #1 - Daniel
    Poochyena lvl 16
    Scraggy lvl 16
    Murkrow lvl 18
    Landmarks include the Astrology Museum, Skate Park, Bicycle Shop.
    If anyone wants more, I can post them :)


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