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    So I was building my first gen6 team, and like most of my teams, it's going to be offensive, and Iv'e decided to use Choice Scarf Genagr as my revenge-killer and check to sweepers who might risk offensive teams in general, and then I realized ScarfGar had a serious four-moveslot syndrome. What shall Gengar's moves be?

    Shadow Ball is a no-brainder, beeing neutral to Steels now makes it's neutral coevarge outstanding.
    Focus Blast is also obligitory, seeing as no Pokemon in the game resist Ghost/Fighting.

    While I have an easy time with the first two moveslots, the remaining two give me some problems; first up is Thunderbolt, which is mainly used for Water-types, and is expecially important to hit DDGyara; second is the secondary STAB move Sludge Bomb, which isn't spectacular but at least kills Togekiss; Psychic, Dazzling Gleam and Energy Ball offer some coverage as well-notably, Dazzling Gleam is X4 effective against Hydreigon.

    Some Status moves can also benefit from the added speed: Hypnosis is shaky but has a 60% chance to temporarily disable an opponent (note that sleep isn't reset by switching out anymore, so it's a bit less effective this gen); Destiny Bond can eliminate an opponent that Gengar cannot KO with it's coverage and can be very effective if I predict correctly, and Trick can really mess-up a wall if I need to.

    So what should I use? Competitive comments only!
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    Dazzling Gleam seems like a good choice for the super-effectiveness against Dragons and as a backup for Focus Blast against the dangerous Darks, but with only 3 Dragons in OU last gen it might not be worth it.

    Thunderbolt seems like your best bet, getting better than neutral damage against a bulky Water really ups your offensive potential. Energy Ball also does that, but Thunderbolt also counters the flying-types and has that chance at paralysis. After that, I'd be inclined to go for Trick or something irritating like Will-o-Wisp for when you need to make a threat less threatening.

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    But does Thunderbolt OHKO Mega Gyarados?

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    This topic best suits the Bulbagarden Battle Center forum for your competitive battling needs, specifically the Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread.

    Thanks for reading.
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