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Thread: Can Ghost pokemon eat?

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    Default Re: Can Ghost pokemon eat?

    You can feed them in the games. It's kinda weird, though.

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    Default Re: Can Ghost pokemon eat?

    Well, they use berries and Pokeblocks like every other mon in the game, so I'm assuming they can. But if they couldn't eat, they probably wouldn't need to (since they would just die).

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    Misdreavus is a phobovore: it eats fear that it collects in its red orbs. However, it can also eat normal food.

    Shuppet feeds on dark emotions, such as vengefulness and envy, in the hearts of people.

    Cofagrigus are rumored to eat humans, but are known to enjoy the taste of gold.

    Litwick feed off the life energy of people and Pokémon that follow it while it pretends to be a guide.

    Chandelure sucks spirits out of living creatures then burns these spirits,Chandelure's flames do not burn physically; rather, they burn up the victim's spirit.

    A Sableye's diet consists of raw minerals and gemstones.

    Duskull is said that this Pokémon will spirit away disobedient children, and it has been described to enjoy the crying of children. Once Duskull chooses a target, it will doggedly pursue the intended victim until the break of dawn, and may become invisible to sneak up on its prey.

    As the victims of Gastly's gas enveloping technique have been called prey, it can be presumed that it derives energy from them. It may also lick its prey.

    Haunter seem to eat by first paralyzing their opponent with Lick, then draining a bit of their life force.
    It is also said to eat people's dreams by going inside them and scaring them to death.

    As with most Electric Pokémon, Rotom probably feeds on electricity.

    Golett burns energy inside itself in order to move.

    An undefinable energy burns inside Golurk, and if the seal on its chest is taken off, the energy will go out of control.

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    I do not understand the people's "what you saw in the game is the general truth" way of thinking; because any people that has a little IT background should knew, that's the way how the game was programmed, it need not to be the truth of the world the game was based on.

    If ghost Pokemon eats berries, blocks, poffins, drinks, medicine, whatever consumable items just like other Pokemon simply because of the reason "because the game is like that", then everything you saw in the game will contradicts the rules of the real world (such as the houses are so small, towns and cities are extremely small, players do not need to sleep or rest or eat, trainers battles you for whatever reason just by the first sight... EVERYTHING!).
    This applies not only to Pokemon games, but for ALL games of ALL genres, made by ANY game companies.

    In my opinions of what does ghost Pokemon eat (or consume) for their livings, I'll go to the same logical ones as proposed by Gabe67.
    "人には知らない世界はそこに存在する、そして人には知らない冒険はそこ に始まってる"
    Chapter 1: 謎の世界の生き物、闘うトレーナーたち

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    Yes they eat:
    lifeforce energy
    negative emotions

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