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    I remember reading this magazine 10 years ago (time has floooown by!) and I remember that starting in 2002, it featured a lot of Yu-gi-oh stuff and less and less on Pokemon (They already had a Yu-Gi-Oh magazine). In Feb 2003, they named it "Beckett Pokemon & Anime Collector" and then by August of that year it was just "Beckett Anime Collector" and completely dropped its focus on Pokemon.

    Why did they do this? I remember being very angry that they stopped focusing on Pokemon and that Pokemon didn't have its own magazine anymore, while Yu-gi-oh and even DBZ still did.

    Then around 2008 or so, I saw they had "Beckett Pokemon Unoffical Collector". Does anybody have the timeline on when they switched back to Pokemon or was it just a once in a blue moon type thing? And why did they dump Pokemon in the first place?

    I realize Bulbapedia has an article on this magazine, but it's pretty vague.

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    Ah, Beckett Pokemon Collector... How I remember it fondly.

    It seems likely that they shifted focus due to the decline of Pokemon in popularity, and the uprising of Yu-Gi-Oh! at that time. Then, when Yu-Gi-Oh! was no longer the hip fad on the block, they decided to stop chasing fads entirely and just become "Beckett Anime Collector". That way, they could capture the entire market rather than whatever the most popular hype machine of the time was or is. The "Beckett Pokemon Unofficial Collector" sounds like a special edition, of sorts. For the record, this is purely speculation on my part. I could be entirely wrong, but it all seems to make sense from a business perspective.

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    Default Re: Beckett Pokemon Collector

    Agree. I still have a few issues sitting around my house.

    Also, on a similar note, Pojo's Pokemon card magazine's first issue was actually Mary Beth's Collector Card Magazine, a spinoff of Mary Beth's Bean Bag World (Beanie Babies, etc. Even older!)


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