Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!
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Thread: Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!

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    Default Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!

    Okay, everyone, let's be honest here: we secretly play wedding planner with our favorite ships and OTP(s). So spill here and feed on each other's beautiful ideas! What would the bride's wedding dress look like, and who would be the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl/Pokemon, ringbearer, etc.?

    I'll start with mine: a MegaEvolutionShipping wedding wouldn't be complete without actual Mega Evolution! Manon and Absol throw the petals; Charizard is the ringbearer; Sycamore officiates; and Louie crashes it because Louie. :-P Alan and Ayaka still have their Key Stones; Ayaka wears a beautiful off-the-shoulder gown and pulls her hair up. The location? I haven't decided yet.

    I've rambled on. Now share your dream weddings, you beautiful shippers you!

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    Default Re: Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!

    Gotcha! :D Since my OTP is TwinleafShipping(Gen 4... *sighs in happiness*).... Why not hold it in Twinleaf Town! I'd have my Bellossom, Hydrangea, use Petal Dance, A Leafeon could be the ringbearer, and I'd make Prof. Rowan and his pointy 'stache officiate. :P Dawn's dress... would be a sparkly ice blue(not TOO many sparkles, mind you), and it would be a spaghetti strap coming down to her ankles.

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    Default Re: Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!

    Here's my idea for a Pokeshipping wedding:

    Location: Pallet Park (ceremony), Oak Research Lab (reception)

    Conducted by Professor Samuel Oak (I've seen fanfics in which the Pokemon professors conducted weddings.)

    Bride: Misty. She would have a sleeveless strapless wedding gown with white gloves, a Cascadebadge necklace, and her vail would have a 10 foot train in the back. Her hair would be just like in her mermaid costume: completely let down and long.

    Groom: Ash Ketchum. He would wear a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt, red bowtie and red vest. His hair would be slicked back with gel.

    Bridesmaids: Daisy, Violet, Lily, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena.

    Best Man: Brock.

    Flower Girl: Bayleef.

    Ring Bearer: Pikachu.

    Other Human guests:
    • Delia Ketchum: Mother of the Groom
    • Tracey Sketchit (Who will be doing video recordings and sketches during the ceremony and reception)
    • Todd Snap (Official Wedding Photographer)
    • Gary Oak
    • Ritchie
    • Drew
    • Kenny
    • Max
    • Cilan, Cress, Chili (Official Wedding caterers)
    • Paul (Provided that he behaves himself)
    • Professor Ivy
    • Professor Elm
    • Professor Birch
    • Professor Rowan
    • Professor Juniper
    • Duplica
    • Casey
    • Liza
    • Sakura
    • Multiple Officer Jennys (Official Security for the Wedding)
    • Multiple Nurse Joys (Official Medical assistants for the wedding)
    • Several COTD
    • All the other Kanto, Johto, and Orange Islands Gym Leaders

    Other Pokemon Guests:
    • Ash's Charizard
    • Ash's Bulbasaur
    • Ash's Squirtle
    • Ash's Quilava
    • Ash's Totodile
    • Ash's Kingler
    • Ash's Muk
    • Ash's 30 Tauros (Each Tauros will line up on the side of the isle behind the audience facing the isle with 15 Tauros on each side. Each Tauros will bow to the Bride and Groom as they walk toward the alter)
    • Ash's Snorlax
    • Ash's Heracross
    • Ash's Noctowl
    • Ash's Donphan
    • Ash's + Pink Butterfree
    • Ash's Primeape
    • Ash's Pidgeot
    • Ash's Lapras
    • Ash's Larvatar
    • Ash's/Sabrina's Haunter
    • Lara Laramie's Rapidash
    • All of Ash's other Pokemon
    • Misty's Goldeen
    • Misty's Staryu
    • Misty's Starmie
    • Misty's Horsea
    • Misty's Psyduck
    • Misty's Politoad
    • Misty's Corsola
    • Misty's Gyarados
    • Misty's Togetic (will be leading the bride's procession as she walks down the isle)
    • Caserin and Luverin (both will fire an arching water gun over the isle as the bride reaches the alter)
    • Misty's Azurill
    • All of Misty's (and her sisters') other Pokemon
    • Several other Pokemon that both have encountered on their journeys.

    Once Ash and Misty have kissed, All of the Pokemon will launch their special attacks (Hyper Beams, Flamethrowers, Water Guns, Razor Leaves, Thundershocks, etc.) straight up into the sky in celebration.

    Accommodation's for the guests will be provided in Viridian City, specifically the Pokemon Center and various hotels in Viridian. The bride and her sisters will have to stay at the home of a Pallet Town local prior to the wedding.

    Also included will be several characters from other Nintendo and anime worlds.

    Those to be banned from attendance: Any members associated with Team Rocket. ESPECIALLY Jessie, James, and Meowth.

    Seating Arrangement:

    The two sides of the isle will divide between the seating for humans and Pokemon respectively. Water tanks and perches will be provided for water dependent and flying pokemon respectively. Larger Pokemon would have to sit at the back of the congregation. Front Row seatings for both Pokemon and Humans are reserved for those most directly associated with the bride and groom.

    Music to be played:

    As the bride walks down the isle (ceremony): Pachelbel's Canon
    Bride and Groom's first dance (Reception): Together Forever by J.P Hartmann from the Pokemon 2.B.A Master Soundtrack (The Official Wedding Song for Ash and Misty IMHO)
    DJ's Choices for the rest of the reception.
    The rest still TBA

    Wedding Cake: The cake will be a 4 layer red velvet wedding cake with Pokeballs and Cascadebadges along the brims, have an Misty and Ash bride and groom figurine on top layer. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander figurines on the second layer. Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos starter figurines on the third layer. Finally, several water Pokemon figurines along the bottom layer.

    Wedding Presents:

    Brock's present: Cooking material and recipe book.
    Daisy, Violet, and Lily's present: Expensive shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tanning oil, and other beauty products.
    Tracey's present: A camcorder, and a sketchbook
    Todd's present: A digital camera.
    Nurse Joy's present: A Pokemon first-aid kit.
    Officer Jenny's present: A home security system.
    Professor Oak and Gary's present: A holographic training system (It's a software that helps Pokemon train against specific types of Pokemon)
    May and Max's present: A home entertainment center with a big screen TV, surround sound speakers, dual VCR/DVD Player, Blueray player, Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super NES, and NES.
    Delia's present: A new red Ferrari.

    The bride and groom have each caught five Pokemon to give to the other as a wedding present:

    Misty gives to Ash: Abra, Machop, Porygon, Eevee, Dratini.
    Ash gives to Misty: Tentacool, Vaporeon, Slowpoke, Shellder, Surskit
    Ash and Misty BOTH get: Jigglypuff

    Speeches: Brock, Tracey, Professor Oak, Daisy, and Delia will each give speeches congratulating Ash and Misty.

    Bouquet Throwing: Misty will toss the bouquet to all the single girls in the congregation (while Brock watches intently to go after whomever catches it only for Croagunk to stop him). It will be caught by either May or Dawn (who will be hugged by either Drew or Kenny depending on who catches it.)

    The festivities will end with Ash and Misty flying away on Charizard (who will have a "Just Married" banner tied to his tail provided that it doesn't burn) off on a world tour for their honeymoon.

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    Default Re: Your Dream Weddings of Your Ships!

    I don't hve full plan for pokeshipping and sence last person did a pokeshipping I will wait awhile till do my pokeshipping one. I don't have any ideas for contestshipping wedding. And I can't imagine Dawn and Paul married yet give it a few years. So I will do my Handymanshipping wedding plan.

    Daisy would be wearing strapless pale pink dress. It would be almost but not quite floor length. Tracey would be wearing a navy blue suit no tie. Brides maids i am not sure who exactly they would all be but I like to think thay Soledad knows Daisy they seem to be about same age and seem to have past connection to Brock. So easy to see her being one of Daisy's brides maids as well as Misty's sisters and few people we don't know.Daisy woud be wearing her typical white flats but brand new pair. Tracey would be wearing black dress shoes.

    Ash would be the best man. Brock and Gary and possibly Ritchie(chronicles ep where t and r saved Oak) be grooms men.

    The wedding would take place at gym by the pool. I am pretty sure this applies to all kanto couples that reception takes place at Oak's ranch.

    So back to the wedding some pokémon will be out during ceremony. Their will be and ice Arch over where two get married maid by Daisy's dewgong(it is hers bulpedia is wrong). Tracey's marill will be pokémon equivent to flower girl. Their will be flowers but no daisy's for obvious reason. Daisy and Misty's luvdisc will be ring bearers.

    The brides maids will be in soft blue dresses and grooms men will be in white tuxes.

    Their would be soft music playing during ceramomy.

    Brock being around guarantees some sort of food at reception. Not like Delia would let anyone go hungry either. So reception be easily taken care of they wouldn't ask Brock and Delia would just insit on taking care of food for reception.

    The wedding cake would be gorgeous white cake a 6 layer cake with green piping around edge of each layer.

    For reception Daisy would change into shorter dress that is navy blue(it's the color of shirt she wars under sweater) cap sleeved style top. Tracey would keep his navy trousers on take of jacket revealing his green under shirt a t-shirt of course.

    Their first dance would be to romantic dance.
    I don't plan out characters presents that's just weird to me.

    They would have hired professional for wedding pictures. I that is my general wedding plans for them. I never plan out presents from other characters.


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