Who does you ship with Hinagiku Katsura ?

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Thread: Who does you ship with Hinagiku Katsura ?

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    Default Who does you ship with Hinagiku Katsura ?

    As you know , Hinagiku Katsura is one of the most popular Anime girl .

    So , Is there any other anime character you guys would like to ship Hinagiku with ?
    I know , I know , Everybody will say Hayate !
    But We don't need to ship her with only character from ''Hayate the combat butler'' !
    We can ship her with character from other anime !
    For example ,
    I ship Hinagiku with Izayoi Sakamaki (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?) !

    Because Izayoi is complete opposite of Hinagiku !
    Unlike Hinagiku who strict , Serious & responsible , Izayoi is arrogant , slight Perverted and Irresponsible .
    But those 2 are the best male & female character I have seen so far .
    I cant imagine the funny chemistry these 2 will have when they meet .
    These 2 could be the most powerful couple in the world !

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    Default Re: Who does you ship with Hinagiku Katsura ?

    Closing this because we don't want threads for individual non-Pokemon ships. If you want to make a more general shipping thread for this series, though, go for it.
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