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Thread: ToxicBoltShipping thread!

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    Default Re: ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    Is it bad if I rec myself? XD

    I just crossposted my longest TBS fic to AO3 so...

    Ice Cream Date - Chapter 1 - yoshi12370 - Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series) [Archive of Our Own]

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    Default Re: ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    Summer in the Southern War [Koga/Lt. Surge Fic]
    Here it is! My 2013 Toxicbolt Fourth of July fic! Enjoy.

    Read it: or Ao3

    Rating: T

    Pairing/Fandom: Toxicboltshipping / Pokemon

    Summary: At the height of the Southern War, Surge finds himself with a deadly dose of toxin in his blood in a field hospital. There a meets a stoic fellow soldier who isn’t much for small talk.


    The thick night heat swamped every breath of air in the rank underbrush. There was a baited silence lurking in the dark among the dripping foliage and between the scattered night cries of feral zubat on the hunt. The 23rd ground division was crawling east, trying to get to their base camp before morning. They were supposed to rendezvous with one of the Flying brigades the day before, but the brigade never showed up. Left without air transport, they were sitting psyducks in hostile enemy territory. They had to get to safety, even if it meant trudging fifty miles through the jungle at night. No one spoke; who knew if there were enemy spies in the forest or a waiting ambush just over the next fallen log. The deep musk of damp and dirt mixed with their own fear, stagnant with sweat around them.

    Matis Surge led the front of the line, picking his way through the deep brush carefully. His raichu skittered along at his side, keeping its ears peeled for any noise more worrying than the ambient hostile backdrop of the night noise.
    Read it: or Ao3
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