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Thread: Shooti x Langley

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    Default Shooti x Langley

    i've really started shipping this recently.

    Anyone know tthe name, if there is one, for it?

    if not, i propose egotist or hailstorm.

    to clarify, this is a thread for the shipping, not a name request.
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    Default Re: Shooti x Langley

    they would make an interesting couple

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    Default Re: Shooti x Langley

    I checked; no name so far...
    It would be rather akin to MockShipping (Paul x Ursula) in a sense, but still unique in some senses.
    The pleasant thing about Best Wishes! is that I do think Main character's Rival x another main character's rival is more possible, due to the fact they meet more, and this Don Battle Tournament (Though, it is going to end with tomorrow's episode, I think, maybe there will be future meetings of all rivals and the protagonists, who knows...)
    which has evolved from Protagonist's Rival meeting the same Protagonist's other rival, so Langley x Shooti may actually have hints, unlike Mockshipping, a nevermet.
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