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Thread: Shipping Ficlet Archive thread

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    Default Shipping Ficlet Archive thread

    Got something you wrote in one of the threads here? Need to find something you read? Hopefully, this can serve your purpose.

    As an archive, simply use this format:

    Shipping: Ash/Misty (Pokeshipping)
    [direct link]
    The need for both the names and the 'ship name is for searching purposes. We ask you to please include them.

    Optional tags are, if you feel they warrant one:

    To use RainbowMoondust as an example, if she were to post, her submission might look like this (without the quote tag, obviously):

    Shipping: Ash/Misty (Pokeshipping)
    Title: ~Roses are for Red~

    It's just an archive for drabbles/mini-fics you post in full on the threads. This is not a place to post links to stories in the Workshop. If it's posted in this section, feel free to notate it.

    If you've written more than one, try to keep it all in one post. That way, it's like a personal archive. One post per person in this thread, so keep editing that one post as you post more mini-fics in the discussion threads. There is no character limit, so there's nothing to worry about.

    If there are mini-fics by people who haven't posted in a while, send me a link if you know of any, and we'll make a collective tribute post.

    This may come to involve artwork, too, but for now, it'll just be mini-fics. So go dig them up.

    Questions? Just ask.
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