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    Default The Shipping Confessional

    Thy holy child of the Paradise of Shipp'ers, please come forth with thy confessions. Seek redemption, or simply a place to vent.
    However, the confessional may never:

    1. Have bashing. Stating that you dislike a pairing is fine. However, it must be a 'clean confession'. Do not slather this pure place with hatred and distaste.

      eg. 'I think X and Y wouldn't make a good couple even with all the (fanart, hints, etc)' is accepted.

      'I will NEVER ship X and Y together because X is a total turd and Y belongs with Z. I don't get why they're popular it's so stupid.' is not.

    No arguments please.

    All of the forum rules apply here.

    I shall start:

    I can’t bring myself to ship playable characters. I can only ship them with Rivals and Leaders/Champions 3:

    Everytime I think about HoennChampionShipping I feel my heart rise up from happiness D:
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    Default Re: The Shipping Confessional

    While this may have not been your original intention, this sounds like a Shipping Debate thread.

    The staff are currently working on making a Shipping Debate thread, but we have a few rules and such that we need to work out before it's posted so things do not get out of control.

    If you had meant for the thread to go in another direction, please contact me or one of the other Shipping staff so that we can figure out how we'll handle this. But for now, I'm going to close it.
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