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    Default RadicaleShipping thread

    Now that Ash's Snivy x Iris' Excadrill has a name, I will create a thread dedicated to it.
    Welcome to the Radicaleshipping General Discussion!
    About the shipping:
    Radicaleshipping is the belief of pairing Ash's Snivy and Iris' Excadrill.
    The Characters:
    Iris' Excadrill is the first Pokémon that Iris caught, but made his first on-screen appearance in The Bloom Is on Axew!.
    Ash's Snivy is the fourth Pokémon that Ash caught in the Unova region. She first encountered Ash in Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!
    Leave a comment, contribute something, but follow the rules!

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    Default Re: RadicaleShipping thread

    Huh. The only to
    E I could recall with these two is the purloin episode with the trainer pulling scene.
    ...with a flygon.

    Tienes un Pokeshipper en tus manos. l333

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