Pokemon Golden Boy shippings.
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Thread: Pokemon Golden Boy shippings.

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    Default Pokemon Golden Boy shippings.

    ..Has anyone here even read a chapter of it?

    Nevertheless, what shippings do you ship from it?

    From the two volumes I've seen, it seems like Gold is a shipping bike. Basically every important NPC from the games, and at least one Pokemon, has subtly romantic moments with him.

    Some less subtle then others..

    The manga is full of large ham themed emotion; everyone is making expressions all the time, being over-dramatic, or moving around too much.

    But I swear Bugsy likes him.

    I ship Gold and basically everyone. Bugsy, Whitney, his Meganium, Morty, and Black as of volume 2.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Golden Boy shippings.

    Grey and that one grunt who gets hearts in his eyes when Grey shows up.


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