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    Quote Originally Posted by kronos View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Magenta Fantasies View Post
    For some reason, I tend to pair most the dex-holders with non-dexholders. XD2

    MangaPokeShipping (RedxMisty) I actually prefer it as an Archie,Betty,Veronica-type love triangle (Red would be the "Archie", Yellow would be the "Betty" and Misty would be the "Veronica")
    GrantedShipping (LancexYellow) I like SpecialShipping a lot too, but I tend to ship Red with Misty. I also like the idea of Lance someday apologizing to Yellow (after Red ends up with Misty, much to Yellow's disappointment, though she doesn't show it and tries to act happy for them) for what he did during the Yellow arc and asking her to show him how to use his powers to heal instead of to destroy, them training together and eventually falling in love.
    ChosenShipping (SilverxGreen) Probably my favorite Pokemon Adventures shipping. I love their shared past and they look so cute together, too.
    AccidentalShipping (GoldxWhitney) These two are just adorable together, and they have great chemistry with each other.
    CrystalShipping (EusinexCrystal) They're so entertaining and have great chemistry (opposites attract!) and to use a TV Tropes term, there's a lot of Foe Yay between them (even moreso than with GrantedShipping). I also like the idea of Crystal deciding to leave her position as Oak's assistant (or do this as "research") and leave to go catch Suicune with Eusine.

    I've only (fully) read the Gold, Silver and Crystal arc and the Yellow arc. I haven't read enough of the other arcs to really form opinions on what shippings I like (I've read a lot of the Black and White arc, but not in order and with a lot of gaps due to patchy scanlation).

    Other manga pairings I'm fond of include FrontierShipping (EmeraldxCrystal), SpecialShipping (RedxYellow), EliteShipping (either LancexLorelei OR WillxKaren; I happen to like both pairings) and RocketMasakudoShipping (KeanexChermaine; I wish we got to see more of them).
    some interesting pairings. Would you be a fan of ConclusionShipping ? (Red (Special)x Misty x Yellow)
    I didn't know that was a pairing, but I do like the idea of Red, Misty and Yellow as a threesome.
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    Default Re: The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

    Oh my goodness I ship the PokeSpe characters like there is no tomorrow. So glad there's a thread for it. <3

    At first I only shipped RedxBlue (female) because I thought it was the only shipping that makes sense but as I read more arcs, these are the characters I ended up shipping...hard (forgive me for not knowing the names of most of these shippings):

    WallacexWinona (yes, cannon, I know)

    But really...Chosenshipping is my life. Their story is beautiful and makes me tear up just thinking about it. They were meant to be!!! <333
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    Default Re: The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

    Red X Green (Female) !
    Because Red is fav and Green is probably the most attractive Female Adventure Protagonist.
    Plus , Green might be good for Red !
    Since Red is too Innocent and Hot blooded !
    He need someone cunning and mature like Green to watch over him .
    Its the same case with Blue X Yellow !
    Since Blue is too Serious and Strict So He need someone Kind and caring like Yellow to watch over him .

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    Here's my favorites!

    FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
    OldRivalShipping (Green x Blue)
    MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
    SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)

    It's a shame there isn't as much Pokemon Special fanfiction as there is of the anime.

    Here's my favorite Pokemon fanfic, it has manga universe and games universe and a little bit of anime universe. Mostly 1st and 2nd gen, but also some 5th gen.

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    Default Re: The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

    I might have a few more than these, but these are the ones that I can remember...the ones that I ship obsessively

    JadeShipping (Blue [girl] x Yellow)
    Because of their interactions together. I can't even--

    MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
    From my point of view, it's pretty obvious that Gold has a crush on Crystal. Even though he tries to act like he doesn't. Crys, though, I'm not sure about.

    FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
    Come on. This ship is practically canon--what with the way they act together? I can't see them being with anyone else.

    AgencyShipping (Black x White)
    Because when White was gossiping with Elesa, apparently she told her that Black was "cute". That, and the fact that, in my eyes, there are so many hints for this throughout the chapters. They--most of the time--try to help each other out, and want each other to be the best they can be. Plus, when White was leaving for the Battle Subway. I saw that blush, Black. You can't hide this from me.

    ScientificShipping (Juniper x Fennel)
    According to some quiz book, they were "friends from their studies~". They rely on each other for help and converse about things they aren't sure of, and tell each other their findings (dream mist, etc). Sure, most scientists do converse with other scientists, but to me they seem...shippy. Because they're "good friends", and the way they act with each other is so cute. Lesbehonest they never say what they did when they were studying together, so you never know...

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