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Thread: PalletShipping or ComaShipping?

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    hahaha no, i know what the name means, its just wrong anyways.
    i would try to explain it, but i don't know if you can write it here

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    I could tell you... But it's more fun to have you try and guess!


    Honestly, without reading any other posts, I can't see Satoshi with Shinji. It's just too weird! I like Satoshi with Shigeru way better. I even wrote a fanfic about it!^.- (If you think about it, at least Shigeru was Satoshi's friend before. Shinji started out hating him!)

    Oh! And, for fans of either shipping, I just wanna show you this funny picture I found! I don't care if you've seen it or not, it's just really funny. Right?

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    I ship both. palletshipping was my first pokemon shipping and my second yaoi ship. (first was off of beyblade, tyka all the way) but comashipping is just... hard to explain why I like it. guess I liked it sence shinji's first appearence on pokemon and I felt that it was a possibility, plus it's so cute.

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    Palletshipping. Shigeru knew Satoshi first after all, and as people have said, they were friends before. Shinji... he and Sato's views on pokemon are too different to permit a relationship (It'd be continuously strianed), with Shinji practcally abusing his pokemon and all.

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    Okay, I don't do much yaoi/slash, though I read some every now and then. I consider Pallet to be near cannon, if only because the Rival-Who-Used-To-Be-a-Friend ALWAYS has slashy potential in any story. But I digress. I just popped in to say something...

    Those who think there's no chance of anything between Paul and Ash are simply not exercising their imaginations rigorously enough! Given two characters with dramatic potential (and look at how much drama has come from Ash and Paul's conflicts already) there's always an "in" to a more intense relationship...if you set it up right.

    Try this on for size: Ash is not one to give up, and we've seen that with his continuous attempts to be civil to Paul. It's like part of him can't understand that some people just won't respond to a friendly gesture no matter how often, or sincerely, it's offered.

    Now, strand Paul and Ash somewhere dangerous alone. After all, the one faintly redeeming moment Paul has had was in the Bewilder Forest – "Help out the losers." Paul is a jerk, but he draws the line at leaving fellow trainers to flounder on a forest floor indefinitely.

    They call a truce. Ash, of course, begins to treat Paul as a friend, and the continuous rebuffs both piss him off and make him more determined to figure out why Paul is so sour on everything, and also more determined to show Paul that there is some value in friendships and trust. Paul gets more defensive, derisive, and more jerky...but they're in a life-or-death situation and he CAN'T just ditch Ash, for his own survival if nothing else. He's stuck with him.

    Now keep jacking up the jeopardy they're facing. Throw in some moments of mutual terror, make things more and more intense. Make Ash's desire to somehow GET THROUGH to this guy stronger, and Paul's need to SHUT this dork UP more desperate and keep the pressure on, higher and higher, and sooner or later one of them is going to break.

    Maybe Paul wants to shock Ash utterly and lays a liplock on him as an intimidation ploy. Maybe Ash (naïve, good-natured Ash) misunderstands and thinks its sincere, and thinks this is the answer to Paul's bitterness...and the tension of the near-certain death they face combines with his only recently awakening puberty and Ash gets very confused, but he wants to reach Paul somehow and if that's what it takes...

    Damn, I've just outlined a story I'm way too lazy to write. But you take my point, yes? Tension between characters is a form of energy; if you have enough of that energy, and you care enough to take the time and effort to develop it, you can redirect that energy any way you want AND keep it in character.

    Dang, I seem to have killed the thread... :(
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