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    Default Pairings with Dawn

    Remember: the term Shipping makes no sense to me because the word actually means sending a package. As a result, my shipping topics will have the word pairing instead.

    Anyway, let's get on topic now:

    Well, as Dawn is my favorite female character,

    ZAPHOD!!!!! (The meerkat runs away)

    Uh, sorry about that: Zaphod always wants to be in the spotlight; he thinks he's the star of everything!

    Well, now that he's out of the way, as I was saying, Dawn is my favorite female character, so this topic will only involve pairings with her. It doesn't matter which one you choose: you could even make one up. However, no pairings involving two girls will be accepted: although I can accept it I can't stand gayness. (Am I being too inappropriate here?)

    Well, although it's optional if you can't think about it, here's what you need:

    Why do I accept this?

    Who should be more jealous?

    Well, start debating people; who do you think Dawn likes?

    PS. I made this topic as a replacement for all of the deleted topics that had pairings with Dawn.

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    Default Re: Pairings with Dawn

    Technically, this already exists. And the exclusion of f/f pairings is generally just discrimination.

    Who do you ship Dawn with?

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