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    You know I was thinking
    Did Wolverine kill his own wife in the sequel of X-man Live action Movie.
    you Know, The Woman With Big claw.
    I saw her once in the Fox Kids X-man.
    She was Wolverine wife or girlfriend before he lost his memory. But Now For some strange reason She hate him. It was something about Wolverine killing her father .( I didn't knew how)
    I didn't get to know what happen to her afterward !
    I wonder if She's the one end up with Wolverine.
    Now to think of it, Wolverine act jealous when Storm save a planet & its King Ask her hand in Marriage.
    So How ''Wolverine X Storm'' ?
    Well, If Its Live action then Storm rule. (with Halle Berry casting as her).
    Although Wolverine had feeling for Jin but it didn't work out .(Wolverine trash robot Skotte During his wedding with Jin)
    I wonder If Wolverine died without any heroin !

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    Default Re: Marvel Universe General Shipping Discussion

    I wasn't freaking out over this yesterday


    Nope. I wasn't crying shipping tears and sobbing into my cat. No. Nope.

    Right @Luna Tiger ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kishore View Post
    New Topic !
    Is There Any Female X-man Character you want to Ship with Spiderman ?
    I have no interest on male one since I know the perfect one
    I liked the relationship between Peter and Kitty Pryde in the Ultimate universe.
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    Nowadays? Peter and Rogue. I don't know, but, after X-Men Forever continuity, I'd like to see more of them. Actually, I think they could work in some way (way better than RoguexMagneto, at least).
    Man, when you stop to think of it DP did have some crap in it. Its just that when people think about DP, they only remember Paul, Pokehunter J/Galactic and all the Gyms and Contests episodes....basically the good parts.
    And... there are actually a lot of BW episodes that have pissed me off. By this point it'd be easier to just list the ones that I can stand to watch. The more the series progresses, the more the writing of these episodes piss me off.

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